Escalate your Background check process (Uber/Lyft/DoorDash,…)

Hello, this is a simple way to get your background check processed quickly, this is for Uber/lyft/doordash/postmates,……. gig workers who are unable to work due to their background check being suspended since the pandemic.
Checkr’s help page:
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9 thoughts on “Escalate your Background check process (Uber/Lyft/DoorDash,…)”

  1. Bro they said they can’t prove my identity I send all required documents and they still saying the same

  2. I did it apply put in my information but Everytime I try to check my status the information I put in they say it's not accurate yet it's and it has been 5 dayz

  3. from my understanding the dmv check and background check are 2 separate goals. anyone worried about driving record but passed dmv check is ok. background check deals with serious offenses.

  4. I sign up to drive for lyft today dmv check,backgroundcheck,license, everything gets approve how soon will they let me start driving?

  5. I entered my social for a background check for doordash but checkr says my social is not valid . My social security is valid tho.

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