Express Entry Canada 2019 Part III | Post Application Phase

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This episode of Desi Chale Canada tells you in detail about the third phase of the express entry system for Canadian permanent residence. This is the third and final part of the express entry 2019 series. This part tells you about the post-application phase, the various checks performed on your application for permanent residence, the re-eligibility check, the admissibility check, and the process that Canadian immigration authorities follow to make sure that the documents you submitted as part of your permanent residence application and hundred percent true and correct.

The video also tells you about the various steps involved in the post-application phase and the important things that you must keep in mind when submitting your application to make sure that it processes smoothly.

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24 thoughts on “Express Entry Canada 2019 Part III | Post Application Phase”

  1. I beg ur pardon….well last two videos wasn't playing..I dont know why.. but I saw videos from another android. .. again amazing videos.. looking forward for more…

  2. Most of the people apply form within canada , so make on that, including which work experience is required etx

  3. Sir ., can I have your WhatsApp number or Skype . Please .., I have got some queries .. hope you can help me out …

  4. One of the company I worked for 4 years back is now closed permanently. I do have all relevant documents like form-16, payslips etc. Will it affect my background check ?

  5. What is more easy to get a work permit or PR if we do not Canadian work experience or friends n family member in Canada.

  6. Hi Sir, suppose i have submitted my profile as unmarried and meantime I get married so is there a way I can change my application.

  7. Hi. I have a question. If anyone who have overstayed with visa in one country, can apply to Express Entry to Canada ?

  8. If my application is approved and i got a PR visa, is there any time limit to travel to canada, for example, do i need to travel to canada within 6 months?

  9. Hey, appreciate your efforts put in all the videos, they are extremely informative and to the point!! I have a query and am hoping you can help me with the same; currently I am living in USA on an H4 (spouse dependant) visa and my visa expires end of July, 2019. I will be going back to India but my wife who is on a H1B will continue to live in USA. We are currently in the ‘Pre-application’ phase of the Canadian PR Process. Now, when we move to the ‘Application Phase’ should I mention USA or India as the 'Current Country of Residence' for myself? I believe I will still be in USA when we move into the ‘Application Phase’ but I will move to India before end of July this year. I hope I am clear in my explanation, Please Advice.

  10. Hi sir!Thank you so much for all your efforts it’s commendable and helpful for people like us who can’t afford to pay the high fees of consultants and not knowing their authenticity.Sir I had a query.I was working in uae for one year but got terminated due to company cost cutting so I came back within 1.5 years (though I had a two year work visa)but I used to go on short paid leaves to India whenever I could means I wasn’t staying for a non stop period.Would I still need a police clearance letter??

  11. sir ,I get useful information from your videos thanks a lot .my son is in canada now.He has completed his masters there and now is doing field job.He is question is,, can he invite his wife there before applying for PNP or in express entry program?pl let me have your what’s app number so I can ask you.

  12. Hello sir, loved your videos. They are very informational. I would like to know if it’s possible to go ahead with this process as described by you by ourselves instead of going through a consultant?

  13. Hi sir,
    I wanted to ask you that when do we have to do the medical test? Before or after creating an account in Saskatchewan? Or when I submit all documents or when m I notified? Also want to confirm me and my spouse will be applying and I am not bringing my son so dods he have to do his mediacal check up as well?

  14. Hi,

    This series of videos are freakingly helpful for me as I am planning to immigrate to Canada ASAP.
    I just had 1 question about the submission process.

    I have legally changed my name, which is reflecting in my passport and other Indian government authorized cards like aadhar card etc . But, I have my old name in my educational certificates.

    How would it go in the process of ECA?!

    I hope to get a response from this question.

    Thanks in advance.

  15. My express entry profile shows 55% progress so what does it mean? At this stage have they checked my background means my job experience and my ielts score wes etc?

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