Express Entry Q&A – Background Checks & Work Experience

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I covered the following topics in this episode:

1. BACKGROUND CHECKS – What exactly are these?
2. WORK HISTORY – What to do if your employer won’t give you a proper reference letter.
3. WORK HISTORY – How do I prove my work history if I am self-employed.
4. And many many more topics as I answer a ton of viewer questions live.


42 thoughts on “Express Entry Q&A – Background Checks & Work Experience”

  1. Helo , I have 2 internships of 6 months each. They were done in different companies. They were actually continuous but there was a gap of 7 days between them. They were paid internships with contracts. Does that qualify as the minimum work experience requirement?

  2. we are immigration consultant from India and we do have many clients whom are interested to migrate Canada.

  3. Dear Sir,

    Is it advisable to attach nomination letter and schedule 4 along with letter of explanation while submitting eAPR?

  4. What if my employer is my father ? Would I be considered as a self ployed or an employee in his firm because i m not a partner in his firm. I just take my salary and work as a manager and handle the operations of his business.

  5. would you say that security screening is totally random and usually takes up to 1 year? I suspect I was in that, my AOR is 2nd May 2018, everything else passed and been in security checks since 20 Sept… I am scared it may take up to one year and that will take a huge impact on my plan…

  6. Hey Mark, I am from India. I am a blogger and online marketer and run websites. I am self employed and make money from Google Adsense and affiliate marketing ( Promoting products for companies for a commission) .
    How should I demonstrate my work experience with reference letters for Canada express entry?

  7. Is post graduation certificate in management mit pune accepted and will I get points to increase my score

  8. Hi thank you for your guidance, May I ask who view the application ? is that the iRCC or the CIC?

  9. Hello sir, thanks for providing us a valuable information on crucial topic. I want your suggestion in my case as I had completed my 3 years diploma in mechanical from 2006 to 2010 and on the base of I had full time experience from Feb 2010 to 2018 (48 hrs/week) however, my full time degree in mechanical also had done from 2011 to 2015. So I want to ask you both study and experience in similar period would be acceptable for express entry?

  10. Dear Sir, I have found ineligible in express entry in sinp due to my NOC code not match in second review can I get nomination letter.

  11. Hi Mark, I greatly appreciate your informative videos.

    I have worked as a Sales Manager with my my current & previous employer. However since my job also includes few technical roles, I have got reference letter with roles n responsibilites as an Engineering Manager.

    Now during the background check on the job experience, if suppose my HR manager gives information that im into sales profile, would that be considered as misinterpretation of job roles n duties.? Will that affect my background clearance.

    However other details such as employment dates, paid work hours, Payslips,previous employer relieving letter, etc are available with me as a proof of my employment. Will the misinterpretation in roles & responsibilities lead to rejection of my application?

    Thanks & regards

  12. I am trying for Canadian PR immigration, have completed WASE program with Wipro in which my designation was Student- Computer Application. But we used to work 5 days a week in projects (As mentioned in offer letter it's kind of training provided to us) and used to attend classes once a week, it's basically a work Integrated program in which Wipro provided us Stipend for all 4 years and full fledged real-time project experience. After successful completion of this program, we were converted to Full time employees with a designation of Senior Software Engineer. It's been almost 1.5 years now after WASE completion and I am trying for Canadian PR.

    My question here is Will this 4 years real time project experience will be counted as a experience during this PR process or not.

    All suggestions or comments are welcomed.

    Many thanks,
    Shilpa Khurana

  13. I will be a public school teacher in the USA. However, our contracts only last for 10 months at a time due to the summer break. How can I obtain 3 years of teaching experience as a public school teacher?

  14. If my partner is on a student visa and as her dependent I am working full-time inside Canada. Can I apply onshore for a PR visa under FSWP thru Express Entry? Because I do have a fair CRS score of 446, whilst on a temp working visa under my partners Student Visa? Or Can the principal (my partner) apply for the FSWP express entry? Or if I have been working for a year already in Canada under my partners student Visa, can I use the exp. To add points on my 446 CRS score?and vise-versa for her as a stud visa as well?Thankyou for your kindness. Godbless you abundantly!

  15. I completed bsc cs in 2011-2014 and I have 4 year work experience … But i clear my backlogs in 2019..and in 2019 I got my certificates from university… Does previous work experience counts for express entry.. Iam elegible or not.. Please help me

  16. I have a grade of bachellor in business administration and a diploma of 8 months as a marketing manager. This last diploma will be considered in the ECA? Will it work as a postgraduate degree, how should i considere it? (Both are done in Peru, where we hava a FCT with Canada)

  17. Sir I had a work experience in a registered company but I left that company almost a year ago. Because it was about to shut down?? My ques is what if company has shut down how will cic verify my work experience????

  18. I have 1 year continuous work experience with 2 different employers (6 months each) for the same job. Am i eligible for 1 year continuous work experience.

  19. I have got second class marks in my masters degree.
    Is there any chance to get reject my application in visa application because of this ??

  20. How to justify someone has work experience in 2 different noc for e.g
    04 years in event sales and 01 year has professor with the hotel management institute
    But the studies required is same bachelor degree in hotel
    So which which noc will be applicable

  21. Hey, I have some query, I am continuously working since last three years and now want to apply for express entry, but my first company, which was in crypto space is shut now and i don't even have original offer letter from that company. I only have bank statement as my salary credit proof. Do i need to show this in my express profile or need to put this away. Please help.

  22. Does acquitted (after trial I found not guilty Under C.R.PC 248(1) .)accident case in India make me inadmissible to come to Canada please tell me sir.

  23. If the person to write my reference is relative with the same surname, will it be acceptable?

  24. Hello Sir,
    Thanks for your information.
    I have been working in an organization from 2014 to till now but in between that, I have done my full time masters degree in 2018-2020 while working full time. Can I skip my work experience and show education only at the period of studying, but PF and IT were there.
    Your reply is highly appreciated.

  25. please can you help me with the format of writing reference letter from a company because my company is asking for the format in other to help me with the letter to support my application for a study permit, how to address the letter eg, is it? to whom it may concern? or addressing it to immigration office in my home country, which one is the best way of writing this letter? sorry if am ask 2 much.

  26. Hi mr mark holthe, do you think past instability in work exp (that has nothing to do with the EE, PNP ETC) would be a concern for ircc-decision for PR? Any suggestions u can provide sir

  27. What if one receives ITA before 2 year completion ?? As EE pre calculate the score on wirk anniversary month .

  28. hi just wondering if immigration asked for rprf after biometrics can we consider our case as approved ? and how long we have to wait for ppr .. thanks in advance

  29. Hello Mr. Holthe, there's a big confusion on background declaration IMM 5669 and travel history IMM 5562. Say Im 50 yrs old, should I start on my 18th birthday or 10 years back? Thank you and hope we can chat someday at Tim Hortons, more power!

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