Express Entry rejection reasons | Canada immigration 2021 | Canada PR | how to immigrate to Canada

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Express Entry rejection reasons | Canada immigration 2021 | Canada PR | how to immigrate to Canada

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40 thoughts on “Express Entry rejection reasons | Canada immigration 2021 | Canada PR | how to immigrate to Canada”

  1. Mam I want to ask a question is it mandatory that job title must be matched with canadian job NOC? My job responsibilities as junior clerk matches with canadian NOC 1241 but my title job is junior clerk while canadian job title is secratary clerk. . Please help me out about this

  2. Is there still inadmissibilty for a person with disability?Cerebral Palsy not wheelchair bound.and highly functional.

  3. Hi , i have one year exp as a chef in india , plus now i am in New Zealand and have almost 2 years work exp while studying am i eligible for the work exp criteria. Plus i have got one year diploma in cookery from city and guilds london . And now my education is two year diploma from New Zealand.

  4. these immigation lawyers are scammers.. first thing it says when applying through CIC is that you wont need to hire any help

  5. Hello Mam thats true even i have faced the problem of my NOC code that not matched with my work experiences please can you suggest me any solution.

  6. Someone did master in finance and then working as recruiter since past 4 years, so what are the chances of rejection

  7. I did m.ed degree in special teacher mrc and PGD in hic category and also have 1 year experience in govt contract but my age is now 41 .I m elegibel or not .reply me soon pls

  8. Hi . I just received my ECA report from WES and there is a mistake in year of diploma was awarded. There is 2010 in the report and it is 2009 in all my documents. Can I submit my express entry profile and update the report later or I need to wait WES to solve this issue.I am not sure how long it will take

  9. Thanks alot for the valuable information.
    I am claiming the points for one year optional cum paid internship work experience (EE canada).
    The internship period year was a separate one and not included in the degree.
    And the university paid stipend in cash for those years.
    Is it okay to go with this?
    Thanks in advance.
    Also, i really appreciate, if you share the fee for your counselling?

  10. Is one year experience enough to get the PR. Even though we can apply for express entry but will we get selected for PR with only one year experience.

  11. Dear madam , i got request from ircc that they did not like the fact that the position in my TRV application does not match the one in the WP application. In trv i wrote suoervisor carpenter and in wp application i wrote cabinet maker how can i explain them or justify it ? Will it be refuse ? Please help. . .

  12. Thanks for this video!!!
    I am a Physics graduate, 2014 pass out.

    Started working as a Coordinator in a Resort from 2014 to 2016.

    November 2016, completed STCW 2010 and STSDSD.

    December 2016 went to Saudi Arabia, from May 2017 to September 2017 worked as a Marine Surveyor.

    November 2017, completed IADC Wellsharp drilling operation and IWCF well control certification.

    September 2018 went to Bahrain and left on October 2018.

    Jan 2019 completed Opito approved bosiet ebs. And joined an Indian company to September 2019.

    So can I apply, if so how can I ??

    Because I am with different experience

  13. Hello maam i question is.. i am chef i have all jobs offer letters but i dont have some of jobs experience can i submit my offer it valid? Or not?

  14. Mam please advise how to justify someone has work experience in 2 different noc for e.g
    04 years in event sales and 01 year as faculty with hotel management institute
    But the studies required is same bachelor degree in hotel management
    So which noc should apply in express entry

  15. Hello. I m on my maternity leave since 2016.As I gave birth to my second child I prolonged my matern.leave. Until it I worked about 2 years full-time work. Do my years on maternity leave count as experience if I apply for EE? Please reply me as soon as possible.

  16. Hey there ,My name is Bella I'm 16 year old .I will like to Move to canada this year with my dad and little brother is that possible ? …My dad is in his early 60's and has worked for the United Nations ,we really want to move to Canada as I am student and is looking for better opportunities ,we also have a french background please reply I will appreciate it ,Thank you

  17. I started my Senior care diploma AFTER completing 10 years of education.The Diploma is of one year. After completing a one year diploma, I studied two more years to complete my High school. Will this break up make my diploma equal to post secondary education? Keep in mind that I did not complete my diploma AFTER 12 years of education, although I have 12 years of education.

  18. Hello Madam,
    Thanks for your information.
    I have been working in an organization from 2014 to till now but in between that, I have done my full time masters degree in 2018-2020 while working full time. Can I skip my work experience and show education only at the period of studying, but PF and IT were there.
    Your reply is highly appreciated.

  19. what if someone has a minimum educational background – in my case, I have very little educational background only some basic schooling and the rest is self-taught.

    Awaiting your reply.

  20. Hi,
    I have one query.

    I am claiming points for work experience with two different NOC codes to complete three years
    First experience – 2 yrs 11 months
    Second experience – 11 months

    Can I claim points for 3 years?

    I just came to know if I am CEC applicant, then I can claim points with two different NOC codes. Is that correct?

  21. Mam I did my post graduation and my Job both at the same time. My education and my job are not same. Will they consider my e

  22. I am planning on applying for the Express Entry program.My query is that out of 14 job duties mentioned for Civil Engineers (2131) on NOC page only 6 job duties are listed in my experience letter. Should I be worried?

  23. Hey, Thanks a lot for this video. I recently started my express entry application. But I've been confused about the work experience. I was a self thought software developer and have been working as one since 2017 and I obtained my advance diploma in software engineering in 2019 and my bsc software engineering in 2020. Please how do i start my work experience as it states from when you got the minimal qualification required.

    I've also been working as a nurse assistant since Feb 2020 till date.

    Please how do i add all this to my profile?

  24. I am an advocate with 4 years experience in law practice if i get a job offer letter of cook assitant from canada that is not relevant to my previous experience as advocate,would that job offer letter add points to Express entry profile

  25. I have 2 years experience in one position but different location. forgot to mention one location in Initial EE. after invitation if i mention about 2 location. would that be ok?

  26. Do you need same educational qualification as your job, I did bachelors in engineering but I am working as teacher , will my application be refused ?

  27. Hi. We went home in the Philippines with a family of 3(1 kid) and we decided that my spouse will be the one to return back in Canada. Does the canadian border will ask about this? We are permanent resident. TIA

  28. can we change our address means our location where we are living in canada , Its effect our PR profile Or not ?

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