Express Entry TIP OF THE DAY – What to do if your employer won't give you a reference letter.

EXPRESS ENTRY – TIP OF THE DAY – What to do when your employer won’t give you a reference letter.

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21 thoughts on “Express Entry TIP OF THE DAY – What to do if your employer won't give you a reference letter.”

  1. Hello, quick question – If I have a reference letter from 2 companies with exactly similar Duties / Responsibilities – is that okay? The other job information such as title, wage and everythign else is different but duties are exactly the same and I have got reference letter for the same. Please advise.

  2. Thank you mark it is really going to help me. I never thought about them,
    my job offer (mail) mentions my key roles and responsibility's
    Exit letter show duration i worked, my pay, job tile & designation.

    wohoooooo… i was worried coz my employer denied to give me the letter.

  3. can i take it on mail, the responsibilities are not mentioned on exit letter and i don't even have offer mail for the same. In that case can i ask my boss to send me the mail specifying the job responsibilities from his official mail ID. and attach that mail instead of any letter.

  4. Hello!Do i need to have a reference letter for all of my job experienced??or its ok that i can just provide the one that is from my recent job. Because i dont have any contact now from my previous employer specially in Libya.thank you.I hope u can help me.

  5. Hi mark, my work reference letter doesnt hv salary details on ut. Can i show proofs like payslips , salary statemennts,etc?

  6. Do I need to get the letter we get from a supervisor notarized? Or just attaching the letter with his ID card copy is enough?

  7. Thanks a lot for the detailed infor… The situation I can not go to my current HR or manager and tell them that I am planning to move to Canada, this will impact my bonus and perks. So, I asked a senior colleague to issue it and got it notarized. In this case what should I mention in my LOE. Can you please let me know the sentences i should write?

  8. Hi I have got the appointment letter, relieving letter and salary slip. The hr says that all the points required are already mentioned in the appointment letter and relieving letter so they cannot issue any further letters. All the required details are mentioned in my appointment and relieving letter. Only working hours not mentioned. If the hr writes a mail stating the working hours and rest details mentioned in other letters will that do? Mail response if attached along with appointment letter, relieving letter and salary slip will do? As my company will not issue any further letters. Kindly help what is the best possible option in this case?

  9. Your advise leads to trying by all means to get proof of employment. But let's say we couldn't find anything. What do we do? Do we put "unemployed" in the form?

  10. Which address I need to put in express enter for work experience, The work location or the employer address ?

  11. Hi Mark, I have a question regarding total number of working hours required for express entry. If a person work two jobs , one full time 30 hrs per week & one part time 20-15hrs per week of same designation under NOC B. How many hours would the IRCC will consider per week? Is IRCC would consider 50 hrs per week or just only 30 hrs per week.
    Please guide me!

  12. How about if the company I worked does not exist anymore? I worked for the company back in April 2013 – April 2016. I actually got the letter from my office in Jan 2016 before coming to Canada for studies. I do not know what should I do to proof my work exp. ?

  13. I am an advocate with 4 years experience in law practice if i get a job offer letter of cook assitant from canada that is not relevant to my previous experience as advocate,would that job offer letter add points to Express entry profile

  14. When we are stating the annual salary, can it be an average figure based on last drawn salary or we need to give the accurate and exact figure? Thanks

  15. Hello sir, i received interest letter from oinp. And its time to submit my documents. But my previous employer refuse to provide reference to me. I have other documents like job offer letter, appointment letter, performance letter, experience letter, salary slips, form 16. But i don't have any documents to prove my job responsibilities and duties. My designation was Software Engineer and i used NOC code 2173.

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