Failing an Uber or Lyft background check is not the end of the world.

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27 thoughts on “Failing an Uber or Lyft background check is not the end of the world.”

  1. I got DA Denial for Misdemeanor Drawing Deadly Weapon in a threatening manner (DA dropped those charges but still showing up) . I also have non violent misdemeanor (not gross) cohersion that's showing up on my background that they say is the reason why they denied me

  2. Am I screwed if I had a DUI 4 years back???? Will any of these jobs accept me?? (Doordash, lyft, uber ,ubereats, grub hub, Amazon flex)???

  3. I drove uber 2 1/2 years then they changed their criteria for the checks, ran another one and pulled my account over a suspended license that happened prior to me signing up.

  4. I had leaving the scene of a 1 car accudent with a guard rail 15 years ago and was a CWOF. Cant even appeal.. 2 years ive been off uber even though i sealed my record

  5. Im in Massachusetts. I had a ticket back in 2015 for improper lane change and uber de-activated my account for it. I re-applied (2019) and again they denied me for the same ticket.

  6. With Uber, how old does a DWI violation have to be, to be approved? I can't find it on their website. I know Lyft's requirement is 7 years, but what is Uber's requirement? Thanx.

  7. My record was expunged years ago for insurance fraud. I've been driving with uber for some years now. What can I do or say to them to get this overturned? Would getting a copy of my expungement matter or do you think they know about my expungement somehow, and still denying me?

  8. I had a reckless driving ticket in 2017 Uber and Lyft both deactivated me when they did a background check.. How can I get reactivated?

  9. I was deactivated on lyft 2 days ago for a careless driving ticket that was a minor offense. Can you help me get back online uber deactivated me a year ago for low ratings but it was my first month driving. For the ticket I applied to get it removed but can not afford to be off the road. Please someone help

  10. Forgot to enter your Uber Promo Code? Here is How to get your bonus if you have joined and have not taken advantage of the driver referral code.
    Please make sure you send me your name, last name, email, phone number. Then
    Go to ACCOUNT
    Then go to HELP button
    Invited Code : ajeja
    Friends name who referred you: TORSTEN KUNERT
    Friends phone number: 4803936318
    Friends email : [email protected]
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  11. Hi me my problem is i was accused of position of dagga never convicted but i failed and decided to clear the record of which im not even sure it existed at the first place. So my question is do i have to book for another background check or what ?

  12. I switched cities from Milwaukee to San Antonio, which means Uber did another background check.

    I failed the background check. This last year I had two minor incidents which were settled in court to a reduced 0 point offense on each. Yet, they still ended up on my driving record after part of the negotiation is that the report wouldn't be reported on my record!

    I called a traffic lawyer to discuss. The way that he would do it is reopen the case to get them eliminated from my driving record. He would charge me $1000 per case. I would need him to reopen at least two cases. Worth it? This is the real question.

    Is it worth me fighting corruption in the government by paying a lawyer $1000 to defend against greedy cops only out to get a buck on minor driving infractions.

    I'm a diamond driver from Uber, there was no discussion, no dispute, I would have to fight this alone and then come back only after my background check came back clean

  13. Hey I’m really worried so I drive for Uber and it’s my full time job but I have 3 speeding tickets and 1 accident on my dmv report for the last 3 years but I have 4.9 will Uber deactivate me when they do their next yearly background check? And is there anything I can do to get a speeding ticket or accident ticket off the record? Like does taking a defensive driving class remove the ticket off the record or does it just remove 4 points off your license?

  14. Does anyone know if Uber runs a background check on drivers when they get temporarily deactivated (account put on hold) when they do their pending investigations? The reason I’m asking is because I have 3 speeding tickets and 1 accident on my dmv record In the last 3 years, and a couple months ago I got temporarily deactivated because of a false report on me driving impaired and Uber did their investigation. And I’m wondering if they did another background check on me because Uber approved me to drive after doing their pending investigation and if they did a background check then it means I’ll pass the next yearly background check.

  15. So a year ago i failed a checkr report for a financial responsibility case. It was actually a pending charge. When i went to court and showed proof it got dismissed. During the time waiting for court i started a job. Now a year later i decided to try and apply and it shows the old background report and wont let me dispute or even view report since its old. Idk how to reapply or get a new background check ran

  16. I applied for both Uber and Lyft as well as some others. Lyft and grubhub both accepted me. Been doing both since 5 stars on Lyft. Uber and door dash denied me. I have a driving without a license ( forgot to renew it ) roughly 4 years ago. I've been trying to get uber to let me reapply or talk to someone about it. I keep getting robotic responses and no help. Suggestions?

  17. How do I reapply my background check is a conspiracy charge back in 2015 and the offense happen in 2011 I need your help lyft flagged my account and uber keeps lying that they are escalating my new aplication

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