Fast WORK PERMIT APPROVALS (USA Immigration Lawyer)

Fast WORK PERMIT APPROVALS (USA Immigration Lawyer)

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✅ Unemployment benefits for immigrants; Public charge problem?
✅Cash relief for Undocumented Immigrants is coming!
✅How to extend your stay due to Coronavirus
✅ Case Processing and Coronavirus (LIVE SESSION)
✅ Public Charge is in effect. 6 things to expect under Public Charge.
✅ Will you become a Public Charge because of your HEALTH?
✅ Will you become a Public Charge because of your age?
✅ What’s the Filing Fees for I-130 and I-485? Is $4,000 Immigration Attorney Fees Reasonable?
✅ How much income is required to sponsor spouse?


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37 thoughts on “Fast WORK PERMIT APPROVALS (USA Immigration Lawyer)”

  1. princi mary says:

    Is the US offering h1b visa for RN nurses whose on F1 status here in the US

  2. Myla Mallari Smith says:

    But mine at first i recieved first my interview march but then they rescheduled it by april 6 but bec.of virus it canceled again..but until now my ead and parole didnt hear anythin about it..can you tell me maam whats goin on?Thank u..

  3. nimry80 says:

    I did apply for my work permit RENEWAL in February , no answer back so far 🙁
    No to mention that I also did my adjustment of status interview last July and STILL NO ANSWER

  4. Ahmed Gomaa says:

    Thank you so much for the information. My wife came to the US in January with a K1 visa. We just sent the AOS application. Do you think they can approve it with the biometric they have on file?
    Thank you

  5. tosin afolabi says:

    Please can you talk about spouses that filed for stepchildren

  6. OneLove Everytime says:

    Hi Madame McBean I’m just curious, I get what you’re saying on the work permit but are you or any of your colleagues are hearing about the removal of conditions from your green card and today there was a ruling about deportation of lawful permanent citizens with this guy Andre Barton by the Supreme Court…what’s your take on that…. I don’t have a criminal record but I just wanna hear your professional opinion…thank you

  7. ashraf mohamed says:

    EB5 is still 500k or become 900k

  8. Yuniah Mogere says:

    Hello l sent a text to your no.7183019732, waiting for your directions please

  9. Nicole says:

    What’s going to happen to the people who had an appointment on May to get their certificate for citizenship?


    Thank u somuch u give somuch information in a few minutes.

  11. Sanjeev Balami says:

    Mam what about dv lottery processing??

  12. free thinker says:

    Can you please do a video explaining the advance parole policy to us? Its a gray area for some of us

  13. nasir jhon says:

    Thank you so much for the information
    From nasir johnfelix

  14. Sristti Rai says:

    Really I love your advice

  15. Jerry Bassey says:

    Mrs. McBean, please, i had my biometrics taken in February of this year. I checked my status via USCIS it shows my biometrics as been applied to all my petition for Adjustment of status and Employment authorization. Till now I'm yet to get employment authorization approval. They only said my case is ready to be scheduled for an interview.

  16. Cheryl Diaz says:

    Still waiting to do the fingerprints. We have already did the face to face Interview and it was approved. Adjustment of status. So now what next?

  17. clarks boot says:

    Miss mcbean if I got my work permit and social security card and my marriage green card interview is denied,can I still work with it??

  18. Chinmaya Nagesh says:

    I don't see this happening as such.

  19. Balaji Sethu says:

    Can I register for EAD a second time and live in the United States until Approval?

  20. Maria Castanedas says:

    I have a question, if I am trying to move to spain, should I apply for my visa first, and then a work permit?

  21. A O says:

    You so cute lady !

  22. TheEngineered says:

    Can you get a work permit if you have an expired f1 visa?

  23. Janet Makinde says:

    I'm in New York. Can you help me by in renewing my work permit?

  24. Every Thing says:

    I’m a green card holder how to help my wife get a working permit for now?please any suggestions?

  25. Luisa Martins says:

    Did you hear some people going to the interview for I 485 adjust status without fingerprint for the work permit? Thanks for all the information

  26. Alex Grom says:

    How soon get i get my girlfriend who lives in tijuana any kind of visa?

  27. SINGAL PASANGA says:

    Hi how to get work permit in usa

  28. Lisa Shehab Eddin says:

    It's taken over a year for my husband's i765, why? They have my husband's bio metrics

  29. Patricia Matthews says:

    Thanks for sharing

  30. CnoSez says:

    Can i green light drivers license recipient get a work permit? Also can they get one in a different state?

  31. asghar khan says:

    good day mam love ur program its very informative ,in this proclamation what is in it for legal immigration means i am a father of US CITIZEN awaiting on a n interview at the us EMBASSY TRINIDAD & TOBAGO MY I 130 IS APPROVED I AM DOCUMENTERY QUILIFIED LIKE 2 MONTHS NOW ..ITS APPROVED SINCE 2018.

  32. Fabian Lawrence says:

    I recommend net_mactool on íñstágrám who got mine fixed they're good and dependable

  33. Fabian Lawrence says:

    I recommend net_mactool on íñstágrám who got mine fixed they're good and dependable.

  34. Omar Lindo says:

    Hello good morning what do they mean when they said they needed a copy of job letter I don’t understand

  35. DaniDZ says:

    Hi sis! How guys allow to get work permits to USA?

  36. Gabriel Crus says:

    fantastic information,,!!  well I'm from  metro Manila Philippines   I want to immigrate to Canada  I heard that there salaries are unique, please how can I contact Mr. Jared.     

    Mr . Jared submitted my application to ESDC for LMIA followed  by the second application to CIC, finaly i got a permission, well I got my Visa  afterwards mr.jared. is really pl aying a professional

  37. Mohamad Khalid says:

    USA_modals on Instagram did only a couple process in 9days. And now I’ve been in the school I got scholarships for. And it cost me just a little sum. Glad I made the right decision!

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