FBI Director Christopher Wray Testifies Before The House Judiciary Committee

The House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on oversight of the FBI with director Christopher Wray.

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26 thoughts on “FBI Director Christopher Wray Testifies Before The House Judiciary Committee”

  1. More narrative narrative narrative lies lies lies saying them over and over and over again never will change them to truth or facts got it yet nuk nuk

  2. Calling us white supremesis is racism is it not,now your puting iies in Flynn's mouth with fighting words or even war words we all have freedom of speech not just you and you sir need to be arrested right now you are a national threat

  3. Hey Mrs bush put in foia request like everyone else has to your not allowed if involved in on going investigations SORRY

  4. Doesn’t it bother anyone that they obtained all this information without a warrant? Even if you don’t agree with the left, right, or whatever, you have to agree that they shouldn’t be able to use any information they obtained without a warrant.

  5. Could you imgine if Trumps Administration would answer questions with.. not knowing anything. Has anyone else noticed not 1 Democratic or anyone in the Biden administration can answer any question with facts vs let me get that back to you. Do they even work?

  6. Glad to see that the FBI is going to focus on sexual misconduct. Just to the casual observer though wouldn't you think one of our top law enforcement agencies would be the leaders in that area ? Sort of sounds like it is one of those things they have decided they need to look at !

  7. Wow dude!! Nadler is like way out their with the racist movement and white supremist movement. Deny us as individuals, assign as groups and then, divide us into oppressors and oppressed is the critical ideology of a marxist with Communism as the goal.

  8. I haven’t heard of any federal arrest from Antifa BLM but if they did I’m sure they were slapped on the hand and told to be smarter don’t get caught

  9. This hearing was a wast of time, Wray did not answer one question, he is hiding corruption or he is just plain stupid. I believe it's the first !!!

  10. I still cannot fathom WHY President Trump promoted this life long belly crawling sycophant Swamp Donkey to head the FBI. If he was hoping for loyalty he should have nominated somebody from a field office because in DC they are ALL Swamp Things. Loyalty to Washington D(N)C first and foremost. Look at Comey, STILL unindicted. And everybody else Scott Free.

  11. FBI has been controlled by criminals for decades! Wray is one of them! Epstein case has his shade , his dishonest helped him getting the position!

  12. Hunter’s laptop shows his face in Red Mirage car involved Epstein case! This is reason he covered up the laptop!

  13. bureaucracy . covid lockdowns . bureaucracy . war on drugs . bureaucracy . nsa . bureaucracy . epstein did not kill his self . bureaucracy . bank bailouts . bureaucracy . tsa . bureaucracy . aca . bureaucracy . second impeachment

    (f)abricated (b)ureaucratic (i)nfringement

  14. Jerry Nadler doesn't have any knowledge of Antifa, in fact he said it was a myth, but he probably knows the phone number and shoe size of every person in the Capitol on January 6th. He is beyond disgusting!

  15. 2020 saw a lot of violence, death, and destruction. However, in the cities hit hardest, the police were told to stand down.

    Small buisnesses, peoples lives, and livelihoods were upended because of COVID lockdowns, and extremist violence. Politicians chose to defund the police, and there was no outrage for the hundreds of men, women, and children, injured and killed, unless it was on "their side".

    Politicians, and their respected network mouthpieces, instead chose to triple up security at their own places of livelihood, their own personal homes, and campaigned off the pain of the people, in the most contentious election I've ever seen in my life.

    "We the government" should start listening to the peoples grievances, rather than obsessing over which sides worse. Since I'm certain they won't, our civil unrest will only continue to worsen.

    Also, I can only imagine the outrage if the right used the word "black" as much as the left used the word "white" in this hearing. These left representatives seem incapable of making a point, or winning an argument, without resorting to bringing up race.

    Not everything is about race.

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