FBI Director Christopher Wray Testifies on January 6th U.S. Capitol Attack

FBI Director Christopher Wray testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the department’s response to the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

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27 thoughts on “FBI Director Christopher Wray Testifies on January 6th U.S. Capitol Attack”

  1. The reason they it is it is not just the KKK that is just cover up for something else in lot of other hate organizations or blame it on just one organization it is aspire to other organizations they it is the hate crime the criminal organization is making it look like it is just one organization and it is just one focused on that organization but it's that is dirt they are trying to over over take everything else and blame it on just one thing but it could be another criminal organization totally different why are they are focusing on one organization 10 others are trying to take their spot maybe a hundred others

  2. The reason the paperwork is not going through an FBI and an to other branches of the government is because people have reached every building government building did our government has every branch has been breached our files are data paperwork all of that has been breached and they have tampered with everything.

  3. Thank you sir because I got the Intel up both of them and everything else even high school before 9/11 the school shooting and 99 and several other terrorist organizations and trying to overthrow our government and our system I feel like I failed this country because of this we cannot blame it on another country when it is our own country's fault it is the same people that it calls 9/11 it called this and several other cases and we can't blame that one another country

  4. They are all my comments but I have to say 90% of them was not KKK members they was actually religious groups they was businesses trying to overthrow our government with other criminal organizations with everything else

  5. The two kids who did that the ones they was feeding to supplying from Mars they was going back and forth on a regular basis and they was being funded buy a criminal organization inside of our government they had take it get it funded through there was getting it funded through our government and they was around there was people trying to infiltrate our government to let them know with the businesses it is connecting even the Catholics and other religion groups was funding them just for example

  6. No sir they was trying to keep away from all that they was getting tired of being threatened and everything else they was actually trying to help United States they was trying to help build cases cuz the people that caused it because the world leaders was getting death threats just with consew was Congress because do a couple of The World-Eater's actually got raped because they actually stood up with they stood up for you all they was trying to help stop it from happening until it expired in other countries cuz they was trying to get the Intel to for their countries plus they was talkin about global warming and everything else at the same time that we was dealing as I was dealing with this stuff they was talkin about meeting and everything else and I was supposed to attend it like I was supposed to attend this

  7. When the answer should have been he is trying to work on that to get that act of because when I designed that program 4 the agency it would have been proven it was accurate all he would have had to do is sign a form because that is part of the policy of Homeland Security and FBI and so forth all he would have had to do is go to the phone companies headquarters in say that this the saint is for each state when they ride if each cuz if each company wasn't going to work with them than they would have had probable cause to shut them down and that would have been at that would even added on to the internet crimes unit of the FBI and several other agencies with business crime and so forth

  8. Yes that was planned attack but it did not come from them it came from businesses out of Baltimore the same people it was involved in 9/11 and it was out of Baltimore DC area and somebody in, somebody in Congress and the White House even out of the Pentagon because a couple of the judges knew about it too because a couple of the judges was in on it too this criminal organization has been around for a long time

  9. That is what I did not understand and that is why I was asking you all what was going on because it really was the same people from 9/11 that is what they are talking about it is called taunting and trying to provoke and it was kids from different cases different things that happen it could have been stopped and they was no one is listening and being provoked and being pushed and it should never happened people with pushing for the truth and nothing but the truth. More than half of them was missing people people it was missing for years and our government workers and it was getting pushed by party different party criminal party it is not the same color and it was getting raped and everything else and whatever else happened to them

  10. That is why I was asking the same questions because I watch them walk into the White House and get a security badge and stand at the White House lawn at the front gate as they was just running past they acted like they was jogging they acted like Secret Service and they was not Secret Service I even seen them put up a Isis flag on the capitol Tundra and inside of The White House on the White House wand and it was the same people in the same organization it called 911 and several other cases they even caused the school shooting in 99 even 2001 and other cases throughout the years leading up to 2021 it even goes back to 1991 then come to find out they work at a 7-Eleven and they just move around and use somebody else's identity they get people it looks similar to the person that passed for identity fraud I evening I even saw them hit hit a FBI member and a secret service member with a u.s. marshal cuz they was impersonating different government agencies they even betrayed a military member

  11. But they don't want to do it because they are leading corruption and stealing ideas from other people and all that is doing is feeding corruption with people it is legit trying to get blanket

  12. How how it works from spectacle situation it can be fixed and it can be worked out in the right order because of half the things and half the people it carries 99% of them are all stolen and they have corrupt businesses it feed the people and not they will look the other way basically and there is some a lot of good businesses it has to suffer for the bad ones for the criminals and it is inside of government agencies because they will Stonewall try to cover up stop for a favor or for whatever they got caught in it always leads back to the system because you owe 99% of you all are reading my comments axi 1000% of my comments and you are you all are reading and using them are you using me for just for Giggles or whatever and this has been for years in years

  13. It wasn't tied to the internet it was tied to other things and other organizations in and they're corrupt I said that because I wanted to see and I wanted this to be investigated because I am sick and tired of people not working and pulling their weight and I am tired of stuff happening it could have been stopped

  14. Guess they have because I know that is because someone is leaking it out and several other companies are two that is why I have been wondering how big of a criminal organization has infiltrated or system and how much how many years they have been infiltrating it and using our information in our worth ethic to do wrong and for how many other branches and how many counterpart or getting falsely accused of things that is coming out of this investigation

  15. They don't know how to work the encryptions because I know they don't because I was asking you all and other other Congress out of other things I was being asked the same situation how to stop the encryption and how to better our system and everybody else's system and how can they take down the criminal criminals by and for creating their system because they was asking me since they have been using my ideas and all of my technology using me two they asked me where do I stand at and who will I stand for

  16. What I mean by back door it's how they are using it and how are they are using different things how are they how they are using me and people is asking because I know the criminal organizations do have back doors two different things even our government and they will do anything for damn they have to have the right things in the right criminal organization to back them to make them look clean they have to have leverage for something and it does not matter if they have leverage for speckle of dirt they have something

  17. Each company I really have an honestly I have built each and every thing because it was stolen and they was back by people and organization and that will show you how corrupt it is you have to Pat someone on the back even when they're corrupt that is called Ponzi scheme and you can call it other different names you can call it corruption and everything else it's called if you scratch my back I'll scratch your back basically

  18. And how they are going it how are they transferring to build with that organization by cash everything it takes cash to build a criminal organization and it takes to build criminal activities to recruit but if you shut it down before it even happened then it it will slow it it will slow that criminal organization down I have Amber created and watched watch Criminal criminals smuggle and do all sorts of things every everything I have even asked it people how they did it and how they got away with it and come to find out it always leads back 2 our government

  19. I have to thank the senator because I was trying to figure out why they got started even I have talked into I talk to other world leaders for the people it caused so much stuff for years and years nm4 traded our government system and every other government system they just walk away they cause trouble and and they just Shrugged her they just keep on moving and laughing about what they have caused they point the finger at 1 as they're watching another group for years and years just keep on provoking and misleading and stealing information and them just getting paid for the information and is spine smiling away as they are collecting money in abusing the system and and and abusing their power you can have somebody work Buc-ee's and work to fix everything and every every sector and everybody then after you tell him hey your job is done give me your badge or give me your identity your ID too and then we'll just call you when you are need it that is uncalled for

  20. I apologize to everyone for everyone seeing what I said I apologize to everyone I don't want to leave you all down the wrong road anybody I want to keep people safe I apologize I am sorry

  21. Those people who attacked our nation's capitol on Jan. 6th or not true Americans. 90% of Republicans say nothing happen that day because they were law abiding citizens. White supremist always believe that they're above the law like Trump. Those people are sick on Trump drugs. They don't believe there was concentration camps during WWII. They do the work of the devil. They believe in the big lie of the devil across America. They want to ruin democracy so they can return to the days of the 50s. You need to fight fire with fire no matter what they say. The undoing of America started as soon as Trump announced that he was running for President. He was not a President. He was a two-bit dictator. He would have been impeached by the Senate if it hadn't of been for the white supremist protecting him of which he is one. He IS the false prophet that has conned millions of people across America, but that is what the devil does. ):

  22. Perhaps the house oversight committee's information gathering of Lebron James "Now" tweet & the statue of limitations of The Anti Federal Riot Act would provide a legal prosecution pathway of the 2020 riots.

  23. If President Trump incited an insurrection, they why isn't the Justice Department coming out with indictments for that? It would so fit in with what the Democrats want: The prevention of President trump from running a second time. Considering, a person convicted of a crime like insurrection against the sitting government would prevent that person from ever running for office. So why are they not trying to do that, but appearing to rely on the New York prosecutor to accomplish this task? It would be so simple, and permanent if the Justice Department would just do it. Oh, wait, President Trump's speech would have to be held up against the Brandenburg test. That's probably why they aren't. They probably checked to see if President Trump actually incited anything, and came up short.

  24. This piece of s*** at the f**** Bureau of idiots should have been fired from day one in 2016. God Bless America and goddamn Chris Rea

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