FBI / NICS Background Check Denials

FBI / NICS Background Check Denials
National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS


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  1. @ClawSpike No. Next time you hit your wife she shouldn't bother calling the cops and just use one of your own guns on you. One less woman beater would be OK with me.

  2. @traplif3 So many problems this sort of policy raises. Here's two that would apply to you: Violation of your civil rights to self-defense, and you were guilty until proven innocent. Seems to me you should find a good lawyer and make a Constitutional case.

  3. The 1968 GCA is unconstitutional since it is not an amendment to the Constitution. In order to infringe upon the peoples right to keep and bear arms the 2nd Amendment would need to be altered (amended) or abolished. The Constitution with its Bill of Rights is the SUPREME law of the land. If an 18 year old commits a felony (theft assault whatever) why should his right to defend himself and his future family be revoked for the rest of his life? Thats oppressive IMO & unconstitutional!!!

  4. Too many women falsely claim domestic violence due to heat of the moment emotions. It's happened to guys I know and have had friends and family that were in relationships where the girl threatened to call the cops and make false claims. I always encourage them to get out of that relationship immediately since those false claims can illegally effect them for the rest of their life. Thats just wrong. Pushing or slapping a girl (I've done neither) does not mean you're a potential killer. Ridiculous

  5. @kingVillien I was born after 1968 so someone pissed my rights away for me and that makes me pissed. I think it's time to get a mop and clean this piss up so the next generation can be free.

  6. @taofledermaus Yes & no. Technically you should still be able to buy a firearm because you are being prescribed marijuana by a licensed medical doctor. However on the Federal form you fill out to buy a firearm is a question;are you a "user, or addicted to marijuana or any other controlled substance". I am sure there are tons of "users" who apply & pass the NICS all the time. If you have a Medical Marijuana Card you are in a state database. To be fraudulent on a federal form is a Felony.

  7. @taofledermaus On the other hand if you are prescribed something like Oxycontin(Oxycodone) for pain you are technically a user of a controlled substance. That is given a blind eye because a medical doctor prescribed it to you for your ailment. Because the Federal Government refuses to acknowledge marijuana as medically useful holders of said cards are not given the same blind eye. It really is a pain in the ass for the gun owning cancer patient who uses it to help cope with treatment.

  8. This is a great educational video. So many people are unaware of or misinformed about gun laws. This type of video will really help people gain a better understanding of the system.

  9. More dictatorial federal government regulations. I do not recall seeing an asterisk besides the second amendment when it comes to the right of the people to own weaponry. Everyone needs to research the long list of ridiculous felonies there are and how the federal government uses them to further subjugate people.

  10. Next time ask why it takes so damn long to process an appeal or VAF. 150+ days to update their stuff is ridiculous, especially it only takes them a couple of hours to deny you.

  11. Glad I dont have to worry about this as for I just bought my ever first AR-15 my NICS background check's only take 5 mins and im out the door

  12. Optional yes, but I've been told several times that everyone who opts to not put a SSN gets delayed…. and the one time I didn't put my SSN I got delayed – but then after that I've been delayed a few times.

  13. Does NICS perform the backgound check stateside only….or do they do it internationally in other countries?

  14. Nice vid not too many on this frustrating subject. Can you tell I just got delayed…again. Just filled out the appeal package to have them clear my record.

  15. You should file a VAF even if you are a felon, only certain felonies disqualify you . Anyone who tells you otherwise is ignorant to the actual laws. Read the exceptions section of form 4473. It clearly states the exceptions. For instance I have a 1987 GTA on me, 6 months probation , adjudication withheld, retention of all rights. I am not prohibited from firearm possession by the state in which I was arrested. I vote , I purchase, I have a concealed carry permit in both WA and Utah and C&R

  16. It's bullshit my dad had a misdemeanor charge 16 years ago and he went to get me my first rifle and he gets put on a 5 day wait and he gets denied

  17. Got my first denial for a rifle today. I have a simple possession with intent from almost 17yrs ago did a total of 8 months and have not had anything "Zero" since. I live in Maryland. I have filed an appeal through the website because trying to talk to someone on the phone has damn near been impossible. Now my family has a serious crime history could that be a problem? No they do not live with me.

  18. I recently got denied, and it's due to my cousin using my identity in a felony hearing. I filed my appeal today and am anxiously awaiting their response. This video makes me feel a little better about the whole thing.

  19. Sigh, I hope I get my firearm. My purchase got delayed. Truth be told, I did get a felony drug charge, but was never convicted. The charge was Dead Docketed and I've successfully finished my program. Now, I walk from home until one night I was doing my shopping after work, which is after 10PM. I was almost robbed at gun point by some kids. I've purchased a glock and after NICS, I've been delayed. So I'm hoping that I can pick up my firearm. I carry an assisted opening Smith & Wesson knife, but what good is a knife in a gun fight? but if I do get denied a CCP, atleast I know I can protect my family from potential harm knowing that I do have a firearm for home defense.

  20. thts bullshit i was denied my paper said i was a fugitive from the law….i dont understand i have everything on point i got my drivers license….what can i do…?

  21. Shit NICS is no longer working on appeals. They are backlogged 7000 people and have taken appeal employees and put them on background checks instead. Too many gun buyers for them to keep up.

  22. my nics was on hold, at my day 5. denied
    no felonies lol. Not ever arrested, not even speeding tickets
    denied today. I'm so pissed

  23. As a current FFL Holder and also License to carry, I feel that everybody that is free and walking around should have all their rights. If they have paid their debt back for the crime they have committed, they are supposed to be free, if someone is to dangerous that they are not allowed to own a tool (AKA firearm) then they should not be free and in prison. When all there is, is a law stopping them from doing something illegal, then it is never going to work, because if they have broken one law, then nothing is going to stop them from breaking another and buy a gun or stealing one.

    If they are that dangerous, then they need to be in prison until they are safe to be out in the public.

  24. Fix your fucken gun delayed bullshit,were getting tiered of bean delayed from getting how're own guns we buy fucken retards,Fuck NCIS

  25. In NY they continually use denial statistics to prove their unconstitutional gun laws are keeping criminals from owning guns.Seems like they are just beefing up the stats by denying as many as possible.

  26. I think the point is if their in the system he should have said we don't purge the system ever. So if your names thier it's permanent and we don't care if it's been 20 yrs 30 yrs or your dead and gone. Thiers no way out not threw atf none. It wouldn't be a bad system it they would taken names out after 10yrs of infringements. Of Bill of rights and 2nd Amendments. But he makes it seem like it s ok because unless your this or that he dont see a problem. But there is a problem. Oh just send this and that. Most states after so many year free you of that Burton but not NICS you could be clean for years they don't care. So what now they want to add more people to it. For more Misdermeanor s with HR4477.

  27. Is one misdemeanor enough to ban you ??..what if your record is Actually clean ,other than just 1 charge ??

  28. I got delayed on my third purchase, it was nerve racking-thought I did something wrong. But two weeks later I had my pew pew in hand

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