FFL Consultants Guide to Completing Form 4473 – ATF Firearms Transaction Record

FFLs can now use this FFL Consultants Form 4473 Training Guide video to train new employees on how to complete Form 4473 and improve compliance to all requirements on the ATF Firearms Transaction Record.

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11 thoughts on “FFL Consultants Guide to Completing Form 4473 – ATF Firearms Transaction Record”

  1. Jeffrey Coen says:

    This was very helpful. We are just getting going so I was looking for a better understanding than the ATF was able to provide.

  2. Timo Kotipelto says:

    Something is not clear to me. If someone answers yes to being on a "non-immigrant visa" and has a valid exception such as a hunting license, but this person is not a resident of the state, this person is staying at a hotel for a 15 day vacation, can this person still purchase the firearm?

  3. Don Dobbs says:

    This was a great video! I will watch several times.

  4. Brad Barker says:

    Two clarifications about Question 11a, "Are you the actual transferee/buyer of the firearm(s) listed on this form?". If the Customer checked "YES" to 11a, but says that they are buying the gun for someone else (what most people consider a "straw buy"), the FFL licensee can give the person filling out the form the firearm if they say they are purchasing the firearm as a bona fide gift for a third party. The key is renumeration, i.e., is the person getting anything back from the person they are giving the gun to. Also, if a person doesn't check a box for the question "Are you the actual transferee/buyer of the firearm(s) listed on this form?", the FFL licensee can still give the person filling out the form the firearm if they say they are picking up a repaired firearm(s) for another person. Both of these exceptions are written in either the question or the instructions on the form.

  5. Gabe Hart says:

    Your "Type" is wrong 33:28 you stated "Pistol, Revolver, Shotgun, Receiver, Frame, Firearm, Other. I believe Rifle should be used instead of firearm. All "Types" are firearms so that makes no sense! ATF'S e4473 has a pull down box that gives better examples and clarification. Great video though! I appreciate you doing this!

  6. Syed Ali vlogs says:

    I have a question back in 2009 which is about 10 years ago I was given probation before judgement which ended in 2010 what question 11 B is for me the second part of it

  7. Nel Zelpher says:

    What is a unique personal amplification number? You made it to sound optional.

  8. Sheryl Andrus says:

    It the alternate id, such as a vehicle registration is also expired, should the sale be stopped until all valid identification has been updated to current date and correct address

  9. Alejandro S says:

    What happens when you try to buy a shotgun at Walmart and your background was delayed and at time you were given the ok to purchase. They had already sold the gun to someone else?
    Does the dealer include the serial number on that form? 4473?

  10. j p says:

    Can i fill out the form 4473 on line and print it and go to the gun store?

  11. ScissorsKILLable says:

    What are you talking on a mic from the 80's? Lol

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