Fingerprints At Home – An Easy How-To Guide

In this video we take a quick look at how to take fingerprints at home. While it seems like a daunting task at first, it’s really quiet easy.

We look at the basic information to fill out in the top portion, codes for things such as hair color, eye color, and race, as well as a quick overview on how to do the physical prints.

More art than science, the best way to learn to do the actual prints is to sit down with an ink pad and scrap paper. It’s much easier than many people think, however due to individual differences there is some trial and error to see what works best for you.

The below is a complete guide published by the FBI on the criteria for fingerprints. It is overly in depth and can be used as a supplemental resource should people desire additional documentation and guidance on the process.


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  1. For eForm1 don't you still have to fill in "Signature of Official Taking Prints", even if that's you? and also "Employer and Address". I thought both of those were still required.

  2. If I am intending to make 2 suppressors myself do I need to fill out two separate eForm 1s and send in 4 fingerprint cards?

  3. Will reason to be finger printed always be nfa transfer? If I efile a form 1 to manufacture a suppressor would I enter something else?

  4. Great job Absolutely.
    Thanx for this video you helped a lot of people. Good luck and all the best

  5. The fact we law abiding citizens have to do this to put a 10.5” barrel on a rifle or to buy a silencer or any firearm is ridiculous.

  6. On the reason fingerprinted, would it be different for a Form 1, on building a suppressor rather than purchasing one?

  7. If they're accepting those prints in the video there's zero chance they're even looking at them lol. Don't smudge, roll your prints. Thank you for the video letting us know that the ATF doesn't really care. I know locally the Oklahoma State Bureau is very picky, as is the IRS with their print cards.

  8. you have to be very careful. My prints got rejected despite making sure I do it well. The quality was low was what I was told 🙁

  9. I simply don't understand how this can be done at home without a witness verifying the prints belong to the person in question, what's to stop someone from using someone else's prints cuz they don't want their prints on file for an sbr or silencer?

  10. Hello, I was hoping if you could help me. I live in Jordan and I need my police certificate from the US since I studied/ lived there for 2.5 years a few years back. Would the same apply to me? Can I do the fingerprints myself at home? And if so, who would sign the block "signature of official taking fingerprints"?

  11. Hi there – I'm try to submit a form 1 to make a SBR. I'm guessing I don't need to have these done by a LEO?


    A GRASSROOTS SOLUTION IS KNOWN AS #givethefinger is a guaranteed solution to stop all possible attempts to submit a fraudulent ballot, period!
      There is no reason you as a registered mail-in, absentee or in-person voter can't place your own right hand thumbprint at the lower right corner of all pages and envelopes! Can also implement at voting booths! THIS will stave off the planned election contests by Dems!
    See DIY fingerprint video at bottom!
    Homemade ink wit markers and paper:
    Select markers in the color of your choice. You can use any markers that you want, but washable markers for kids are best if you want to prevent staining your fingers.

    Color with the marker on a piece of absorbent paper, such as newspaper. Make a small patch of color slightly larger than your finger. Go over it until the small patch is beginning to saturate, but not enough to rip or go through the paper.

    Press your finger onto the patch and immediately make your print on a clean piece of paper. You can continue using the patch in place of an ink pad until the prints begin to get fainter. Color a new patch to start over.

    Could Fingerprinting Finish the Debate Over Voter ID Laws?

    Oklahoma has proposed a bill that would require fingerprinting upon registration to vote

    Voting Laws Roundup 2020 | Brennan Center for Justice
    Watch "Fingerprints At Home – An Easy How-To Guide" on YouTube
    GO TO 2:45 MIN'S into video for how to place your thumb for the best possible print.

  13. Great tutorial. I just used it for a eForm1. Here's hoping it works! I didn't fill in the "signature of official" box because I'm not an official. Many other online tutorials say to put your name there. Any particular reason you didn't include that box?

  14. For reason of transfer if I’m making an SBR, do I still put NFA transfer or something else like “NFA Item”?

  15. This video is great but I used it and sent my fingerprints to FBI for a background check and their rejection just reached me after two weeks of waiting and paying for the processing of the prints. So now I have to do it all again and I'm not sure how to get the prints done properly myself. I know you said ATF but just a heads up that this does not work for all prints requests apparently.

  16. Check your state because some states its not valid if a law enforcement officer or local tax collector doesn’t issue your prints. In Florida you can’t do it by yourself
    If something ever happens and in the evidence they find that the prints aren’t valid
    You were carrying a concealed weapon with an invalid license

  17. Hey, thank you so much for this amazing video!
    If you don't mind I would add something that I had to research.
    HGT is in feet, WGT in pounds and if you're not US citizen the place of birth is just the Country. Is that right? TIA

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