Five Mistakes NOT to Make at your Immigration Interview

The five mistakes you don’t want to make when you go to your immigration interview:

1. You don’t want to forget anything, your documents especially. Go over the list that USCIS sends you and triple check that you have all of your paperwork. If you’re missing documents, a lot of bad things can happen.

2. Don’t guess at your interview. Especially when English isn’t your primary language, it can be easy to misunderstand what the officer is asking. If you don’t understand, ask them to restate the question. Answering wrongly can disqualify you from naturalizing or getting a green card.

3.Don’t interrupt the officer. Each officer has their own rhythm, their own quirks, and their own ways of doing things. Go with the flow of what the officer is asking. Answer concisely. Interrupting the officer will make them upset. If you are confused by what they are asking look to your lawyer.

4.Never lie to the immigration officer. Lying to an officer can permanently disqualify you from ever receiving an immigration benefit. This is one of the reasons why it is good to have an immigration lawyer prepare you for your interview.

5.Never ask an officer for an answer in your interview. Treat it like a job interview. Dress professionally and act with respect towards the officer.

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26 thoughts on “Five Mistakes NOT to Make at your Immigration Interview”

  1. I need your phone number to contact you to bring my children in the US I am a citizen I spinster them 2014 thank you

  2. sir thank you, l have questions sir please help my husband was America ,were are meet in the church we got marriage 2017, next month (5) his now in America what documents hi had to prepared for they’re

  3. Sri l”m we’re are living in Greece bet my husband to America this year first of the month ,still l haven’t get chances to travel with him one time we apply they deny it was 2017 sir

  4. I have a question how does it work like during the interview do they ask you to give them a specific document? Or they keep your file with them and start looking at the documents ? If you are missing something do they let you know or they dont really care?

  5. So i am 16 and my father sent all the information and documents and its been 20 days when will they call us for a interview?

  6. I am a been card holder but because I had a stroke and because of the pandemic I was not able to return to the U S for more than one year now .please advise what I can do to restore me green card.

  7. is it possible that you guys could give examples of the questions they would ask parent- based aapplicants ?

  8. my cousin just had an interview. they took her passport, did not mention if it was approve or denied. She wasnt given any form when she left, can you elaborate what's going on?

  9. I live in st louis and my interview is coming in june, i am glad i found your video, is very helpful, thanks!

  10. hello Jim,, i have a question i was deproted fro the US in 2006 with a 10 year bar and now my wife won a green card were getting all the documents together,,,do i have a chance to return?? what are my chances we also have 2 minors

  11. Another word just answer what they ask and listen carefully before you answer the questions. If you don't understand you can ask them to repeat and be polite they even tell you to ask them again if you don't understand the questions. Yes don't guess. And yes NEVER LIE because they would find out. The officers they are actually very nice. They are there just to help you. One little thing you answered incorrectly or start speaking will just might held you back( pending investigation) just go with the flow don't ever get nervous. This process really depends on the officers that interview you. If they see you're nervous or not knowing understanding their questions multiple times thay can be a setback. And DO NOT sit there and think when they ask you questions that is a nay nay. Because to them they might think you have something to hide. Make sure your answers match your application very important part. I became Naturalized and for me it was an easy process. I'm single so that makes my process a lot easier as well mo attachment.

  12. Can the US embassy declined a visa/permanent visa for parents if they have medical health history such as high blood pressure or heart problems?

  13. Is it normal is have your interview in Mexico instead of the USA? My wife is a US citizen I am a dreamer and have immigrant Petition approved with a I- 864

  14. Hello. I want to ask can a person be selected for DV Lottery if his photo entry does not meet all the requirements? Will he be selected but denied the Visa the day of the interview or he will not be selected at the first place?

  15. Hi sir, I have a small question related the dv lottery interview.
    Can we take a translator at the visa interview ?

  16. Thanks so much I live in the Caribbean. To go through all this stress to become a second class citizen in thanks.

  17. Thank you, I was selected 2019 dv lottery,the is away to request the rescheduled for interview

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