Full details: RCMP Criminal Record Check document required during Canada PR via Express Entry & PNP

This is a detailed video onRCMP Criminal Record Check required for Canada PR under Express Entry or PNP profile which I had filled in for Canada Permanent Residency.

I made few mistakes during my PR process, which lead to delay, so do not make those mistakes!
My journey in Canada started in September 2016 as an International student and finally receiving PR Card in November, 2020.
Links talked about in video:
List of Documents required for Canada Permanent Residence:
Police Clearance Canada.ca link:
PCC using BLS:
PCC from Consulate General of India (Indian Embassy):

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23 thoughts on “Full details: RCMP Criminal Record Check document required during Canada PR via Express Entry & PNP”

  1. Yuvrender Gill says:

    My mom needs rcmp police but she's in India. Any tips? Police station wont do the fingerprints without some sort of letter from embassy.

    Plus I tried 3rd party companies either those are super far or unreasonably priced.

    Send tips

  2. Manpreet kaur says:

    Hi..it would be great if you can share rcmp approved locations in winnipeg.. My email id is [email protected]gmail.com

  3. Aman Deep says:

    But how to apply for it! I mean how to book an appointment

  4. Harp Maan says:

    Hi what is the detail for pcc in Manitoba

  5. Aman Deep says:

    Hey bro what type of fingerprint is needed for PR: ink, digital, basic criminal record check ….?

  6. Prabhjot Singh says:

    Email: [email protected] you please email me the list of accredited companies. I am applying from within Canada and its been 2 and half years living here. Do I need police certificate from Canada or India?

  7. Aman Deep says:

    Hello bro,
    me 18 saal to 4 month baad canada aagi si hun 1.5 month lai gai si
    So, Basically 18 saal to baad poore 6 months me India stay nai kita
    So menu pcc di lodh a india to or just RCMP is fine? Plz answer


    Thanks for this wonderful informative video. I have question.
    I got request from IRCC asking for Set of original Fingerprints (processed by RCMP) but they did not write Criminal check record,, they only write, Fingerprints : Set of Original Fingerprints.
    So, is it still the same process as you explained in this video or this is something els?

  9. Mohammed Naveed says:

    Please provide me the detail list on my email [email protected]gmail.com

  10. Chaudhari Pooja says:

    Hii can you send me the link for RCMP company please and thank you.
    [email protected]gmail.com

  11. Zahid Ahmad says:

    Sir police cartfcat katna time me porved karna huta ha


    Hey would you be able to sent me the list. I just want to check the places near to me where I can take my Canadian pcc .

  13. Star Land says:

    I got this, but the one without fingerprints? Will this be OK, or do I need the one with fingerprints?

  14. Harneet Kaur says:

    I received request form from IRCC to fill IMM 5669 form FOR background declaration form after I submit my express entry. I have already filled this info during question stage of express entry. Do you know why they have asked again same information. OR did you received this as well. Please reply asap.

  15. Jatin Khanna says:

    sir can you please tell me can i join rcmp if i wear spectables or lens

  16. love preet says:

    Bro if they demand then will submit . I call them they need paper

  17. Jass Kaur says:

    Hlo ji…i had given my biometrics on 19 april, its been almost 22 days. I didnt recieve it yet. Why could it be happen? Can i tracķ my pcc any how?

  18. Amritpal singh Dhillon says:

    Hi sir can I know many years before PCC required for Canada work permit

  19. Deep Shah says:


    I want to have that file for CCRTIS fingerprints credit check. [email protected]gmail.com thank you.

  20. Gurjinder Pannu says:

    Hey veer can you send me list of accredited fingerprinting companies please .

  21. harman sohal says:

    Bro its been 25 days I have not got mine yet.
    I sent them email also

  22. Balkarn Singh says:

    Hello sir on my rcmp there my name is written two time .. how can i sort it out

  23. Abhi pampari says:

    Excellent explanation. I did my masters in USA and due to emergency I came back to India permanently. While coming to India I didn’t pay my credit card bills. Is there any problem in PCC while applying to Canada PR?

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