🇨🇦 🇨🇦 GCMS Notes – Analysis of Background Check for Express Entry

This video features a detailed analysis of BGC conducted on the profile for PR.
Video is exhaustive and aimed for advanced users.

Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act –
Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) site –

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25 thoughts on “🇨🇦 🇨🇦 GCMS Notes – Analysis of Background Check for Express Entry”

  1. sir i applied my capis note on 22aug , but i did not receive these notes yet. what is the maximum time period of capis note?

  2. What does it mean when your criminality check again goes into process after being passed earlier? Does it mean the check is happening for the second time?

  3. My application is stuck in eligibility review.What do they check in eligibility and how much time it may take?I have already crossed 6 month and 15 days.Thanks.

  4. Hi my FSW case is stuck as review is required for my eligibilty
    It's almost 11months now.. I requested Gcms notes and it was written that Review required– client info

    Please guide what should I do ?

  5. Dear Expert,

    I am a Provincial Nominee. We have also undergone our Medicals and PCC. However, my Spouse has been diagnosed and suspected with TB. Now I am ready to file my documents (ITA) with my dependants (Spouse and daughter). Could you please advise if I should include my spouse as accompanying in my application after ITA.
    If yes, would it have any impact on our prospects for PR…?
    Please share your opinion to help our case.

  6. Im gcms note shows what stage of the application is .is it start after biometrics? Please advise.

  7. If someone have minor issues in police station and been 2 days in Police station in past and the case goes to The local court then the third day it was compromised, in this case the background check will effect?

  8. Hi..Maple Expert…your video was very useful & understanding…. I want to know few things:-
    Is "Info Share" in GCMS notes has something do with Security…In my GCMS notes mention 'Security – Not Started'. What does this actually means? Did they actually started or not disclosing in gcms notes? Appreciate your reply…

  9. Hi sir,
    I found your video so much useful. I really need your help.
    I have applied my open work permit and then I got a mail regarding medical. I did my medical then medical pass msg start reflecting on my file. Then after that I got biometric correspondence male. But now it 2 months it’s showing background check is going on. I dnt know what to do. And how much chances I have that I will get visa

  10. If someone has worked in any military orginzation but as a civilian and did an administrative job,would they do any extra security screening and is it going to delay the processing time?thanks

  11. Hi Sir
    I got gcms note yesterday in which case analyst mention eligibility recommended passed. Then in the experience section he added 0 years and months- review required? Can you help me to understand it.

  12. Hello, nice video. We completed biometrics in Jul-2020. In GCMS notes, for me (primary applicant) under biometrics it states – Assessment required, but for my husband it states – assessment complete. What does this imply? current status – Eligibility met, criminality in progress and security not started.

  13. I am waiting for last step ..stamping
    Its been two months that i gave my biometrics still i didnt get my PPR .can u help explaining ho w things are ..i saw a ghost update too

  14. Hi mine is PNP AOR April 2020 . Currently it shows eligibility ,medical, criminality passed but security not initiated . Is it (security chk)the last or initial steps in PNP . Early revert will be appreciated. Thx . GP

  15. How about this status in GCMS notes:
    Info Sharing:Complete
    Counterfoil Req:Y

    What is next?
    Any idea what next?

  16. Can you please tell me where to check under gcms caips if our file is approved it refused I mean under which column it indicates that Information ??????

  17. I checked my file status it says not applicable in additional documents section. What does that mean ?

  18. Hello bro, First of all, your videos are amazing in understanding the GCMS and EE things.

    My question is that I ordered my GCMS and Criminilatiy had two sections; Criminality 1 where it was written that passed-Bio.
    Another Criminality 2; not started.
    What does it mean? and also, My eligibility check is done by two people; the program assistant and the case processing agent. A11 met, R86, 85 met. When can officer review happen as an average?

  19. My criminality and info sharing is in progress since I gave Bio Oct 2020. Why its taking so long??

  20. Hi
    Does car accident injury claim has any negative effect on your pr application. No tickets has been issued to the driver.

  21. Submitted application Feb 2021. So far they've updated that they don't need my interview, fingerprints or medical exam. But they're still processing background checks. No more documents are needed either. So, can you give me a timeframe and how much time do you think it'll require?

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