George Strait – Troubadour (Closed-Captioned)

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Music video by George Strait performing Troubadour. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 2,226,723. (C) 2008 MCA Nashville, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


35 thoughts on “George Strait – Troubadour (Closed-Captioned)”

  1. Rebecca Townson says:

    This song is still listened today.

  2. Marie Herrington says:

    So happy that this wasnt your last ride George. I love your music more than any other..

  3. Marion Penfold says:


  4. Wanda Yarbrough says:

    Always the king of country. Wander if green eyes ever listens to this.

  5. Viola Reeves says:

    George is the king of COUNTRY music!!!

  6. Viola Reeves says: this song! GEORGE is the king of COUNTRY MUSIC!!!

  7. MadLinx FishTV says:

    I never heard country music before and this is the first one I'm hearing

  8. Connor Bailey says:


  9. Jeff DiGulio says:

    How in the hell did this Q-Ball ever gain fame?

  10. Karen Lacour says:

    George just gets better with time!

  11. Phil up says:

    Do this man ever age?
    Dude still looked 30.

  12. VERTX__IQ9 says:

    I come from space 2021

  13. larry vaughan says:

    That damned ole mirror never shows the truth.

  14. Viola Reeves says:

    I love this COWBOY!!! HE'S THE ,BEST!!!

  15. Viola Reeves says:


  16. melinda remillard says:


  17. Sphesihle Khabo says:

    Hi all. I'm in South Africa. I fell in love with the song after The undertakers last ride documentary. I love to play the song while I work the cattle

  18. Cecelia Loftus says:

    2021 he is still good when he dies still good

  19. Gary Anderson says:

    Best candidate ever other than Bob Wills

  20. Dora Barcelos says:

    Amazing George

  21. Gary Anderson says:

    He is an vet. Combat medic. He cares

  22. brenda Blaylock says:

    He amazing

  23. Dark Elf says:

    Almost 40 and i feel 25, when i hear it!!

  24. Matthew Jarma says:

    Me and my Dad love your songs George and we want to come to one of your concerts.I am listening to Troubadour

  25. Desiree Coad says:

    Mmmm Handsome

  26. Matabaro Official says:

    I’m 29 but i still fill i’m 25

  27. Anıl Uner says:

    The best American Cowboy and American Country Singer for me.

  28. Kevin Sinclair says:

    People who create such music are part of the reason why I want to live long just to listen to this until my old age. Thank you George Strait.

  29. jack wilson says:

    #thankyoutaker always.

  30. Sam Farza says:

    what a banger

  31. sahil mir says:


  32. Lois Enochs says:

    Nothing to change about you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  33. Pierina Barbosa says:

    Lindooooo amo de paixão todos vcs vossas músicas muito lindas amo amo amo beijos lindos pierina Barbosa de Catanduva estado de São Paulo Brasil

  34. Brett Troutman says:

    Do I feel I’m 25 again one of my all time favorites buy Geroge stArit troubadour

  35. Ryan Bunce says:

    You can't just MAKE a song this good. It has to come from the heart

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