Get PPP Approval in 24 Hours + Avoid Getting Denied

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In This Video:
– Do Not Pay Someone to Submit Your PPP
– Must Start Business Before February 15, 2020
– How to Select the Right Lender
– How to Apply to Multiple Lenders
– Reasons Why Applications Get Denied
– Uploading Your Schedule C – 1040
– Business Bank Account – Do You Need One?
– EIN and DBA – Do You Need One?
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23 thoughts on “Get PPP Approval in 24 Hours + Avoid Getting Denied”

  1. Graciane Souza says:

    Prof Kez what about an online store? I had an online business that didn't work out.

  2. D R says:

    Great video, my business didn’t make or lose any money in 2020 and 2021 so I did not complete a 1040 Schedule C, can I still apply for a PPP loan? I have EIN

  3. LaQuisha Adams says:

    What if u have an ein number before Feb 2020 but not the bank account?

  4. Constance Ashley Deering says:

    Professor Kez, by chance do you know of any CDFI's who are still accepting applications?

  5. Kisha Vega says:

    Can you suggest some trusted lenders online

  6. Big Boom says:

    I don’t see a ring on that finger.. wanna be my wife ?

  7. Andy Nguyen says:

    Dam I love your energy is attractive

  8. Khari Al-Mateen says:

    This Queen is preaching!

  9. Erica Reese says:

    How could i get a ppp

  10. Kia Blain says:

    Are there any bank still accepting applications?

  11. Aicha Benkenane says:

    Can I get approve with bad credit score ?

  12. Johanna Denny says:

    Today is the 26th of may and I tried all the sites that you mentioned/recommended for applying and all of them seem to no be accepting applications at the moment. Is it a situation where the funds allocated for this purpose have already been exhausted?

  13. Vajayjaysecrets Vajayjaysecrets says:


  14. Vajayjaysecrets Vajayjaysecrets says:

    Does it matter if you have an bankruptcy ?

  15. Anthony Green says:

    Definitely appreciate the game as well as the you can do it approach. Im trying to push the same message with my parents when it comes to day to day tasks on the computer.

  16. bety garces says:

    What about liberty SBA Bank

  17. Yolanda Bailey says:

    Have completed the SBA form where do I file before Monday??? HELP

  18. Shamill Franklin says:

    I just started my business this year (2021)BUT! I’m subscribed!!!
    Ga’ head Professor!

  19. Debbie Price says:

    I need help I was Did Nied the first time now here we are at the end of the month this time and I apply with the company over a week ago and I haven’t heard anything back from them and now I’m beginning to think it is fraud and I sent them my valuable information can you refer me to someone who can help can you help

  20. Marlene Lyles says:

    I applied for the loan for my first time today. I have 2 small businesses. After I applied for my first one it wouldn’t let me apply for the second one. They are two separate entities and filed with its own EIN. Can I apply for the second one and how?

  21. Cynthia Waters says:

    What if my business was open but I didn't make a lot or have enough activities in February 2020

  22. Nannette Brown says:

    Hi there Keke can you please tell me what do you do with the second drawer PPP when it asks for 25% of your revenue loss?

  23. wanda mills says:

    Do it sister!!! Rock on!

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