Getting interviews but no job offers (why employers reject you)

Are you getting interviews but no job offers ? Do you wonder why employers reject you? Have you ever wondered why “I’m getting job interviews but not job offers?” Have you questioned why some people are getting interviews but not hired and some people are? Maybe you’ve been on a final interview and no job offer? Maybe you’ve been through many rounds but no job offer. In this video I walk you through the two reasons why you could be getting interview but no job offer and why you did not get the job. How to find out why you didn’t get the job and how to deal with the rejection, as well as how to get over rejection and deal with rejection in the best way possible, so stay tuned!

— Getting interviews but no job offers
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****** Getting interviews but no job offers (why employers reject you) ******

Are you getting interviews but no job offers?

I’ll tell you in this video the two reasons why this is happening and what can you about it.

If you’re thinking that employers keep rejecting you, better to think more about it because there could be better reasons why you’re not getting the job offer.

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****** Getting interviews but no job offers (why employers reject you) ******

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49 thoughts on “Getting interviews but no job offers (why employers reject you)”

  1. I hope you can answer this because I’m unsure what the issue is for me… I’ve had two recent companies that I went through multiple interviews with, final interview I was told that no one else was a better fit, they loved me, they looked forward to having me on their team, even asked how soon I could start and said they’d indicate to HR to send paperwork over. Both times, NO OFFER. The first job ghosted me. The second job sent me a rejection letter less than 24 hours after. That second job, I was even told by the head of the department how direly they need a bilingual person and that I’m the only candidate who is bilingual in the two languages they need. So… What gives? I am feeling incredibly defeated right now and like there’s no point anymore. 🙁

  2. I get interviews and thats great. I have 10plus yrs of billing experience. but bc its not exactly what these companies want i get rejected.

  3. I have been looking for a job for 3 years now. The first year I was still in highschool applying to places just so I can have some work experience with no luck and many rejections. 2nd and 3rd yr im in college no professional work experience only experience from school still having very bad luck with this. I just received an email from target saying I would not get the job. I even had an interview and my aunt put in a good word for me! :(. I just feel hopeless now. Im tired of trying but I won’t stop because maybe next time I will get the job and if I don’t then maybe I will after that time. But geez 🙁 how in the world did i land with a probability like this xD. 🙁 what do I do :(. If I can’t get a job I’m not gonna be able to continue school at the moment :(. I am thankful my parents even still let me live with them but I just feel like a disappointment 🙁

  4. Needed to hear this. I just graduated in August and have gotten 2 interviews for jobs that I really wanted and was in my field but I got rejected for both. I’m feeling disappointed but I am getting better at interviews. Having anxiety doesn’t make it any better either.

  5. How do I contact you,I have been rejected by an particular company twice.
    I have appeared in 4 interview in last 1 year n have been rejected all the time.

  6. I did not see the link in your description box for the workshop:

    "How To Get Endless Opportunities In Your Job Hunt Even If You Have No Contacts".

    Will you send me the link in reply to my comment?

  7. Try being a person at the bottom of society that gets rejected for the fast food job. You are covering for a fake illusion system that was created by evil forces beyond this world. Wake up. Before "they" do it for you.

  8. Our economy prioritizes multi-level marketing. It’s not skills that get you ahead, it’s your personality and characteristics, and connections that elevate you.

  9. I had the interview today and it went a bit abruptly, the results are not yet announced but I think I failed in expressing myself

  10. my lesson is: find happiness withing yourself and create your own sustainable business (self love) dont look for validation like a junkie (next job/hit)

  11. I gave a thumbs up for your video because you shared what I already believed to be true. Sometimes, validation is necessary and motivating. Thank you.

  12. what kind of person change their phone number and never response about the job during covid 19 with no job offers

  13. "God will bless those who are rejected right in front of people who rejected!" All success stories have 1000s of rejection… Still they didn't loose hope n moved on….. Moving on and trying is quintessential in life but one needs God to support, to wipe tears n encourage as well…!! Be positive … Somewhere your dreams are fructifying for a better n higher self but it is invisible right now!!

  14. Thank you for your positive talks I'm from Bangalore, I have seen your video without skipping it's very useful ,

  15. Ive been in 5 superdays with 0 offers.
    I was super confident going into interviews but the fact that I never close just frustrates me….

  16. Love What you have to say here, walking into that interview with the wrong mindset can be evident to the hiring manager.

  17. Thank you so much Natalie. I was watching this after multiple interview failures. My anxiety shot up super high. You helped me calm it a lil bit.

  18. Thank you I needed this, I gave so many powerful interviews and not gotten the job yet. This encouraged me to keep attempting and not give up.

  19. Last two month gave ten face to face interviews.. got no job…. not mentioning how many applications how many phone interviews I have dine

  20. I've had interviews that I've literally crushed and had not gotten the job. To be honest a lot…..I mean a lot of the time it's because your obviously the best choice, but you don't get the offer because your competency intimidates the one's you'd be working with. Most managers/staff do not want competent/creative people around them. As it would expose their own incompetency. Their biggest fear is being exposed for what they really know….which is usual not too much. I even had an interview where I got rejected and the recruiter who actually worked for the corporation had called me to follow up and couldn't believe I didn't get hired. He even challenged the (2) executives who interviewed me as to why they never chose me. The recruiter even stated there was another candidate who was even close to me with respect to my experience, education and more importantly how I presented myself for the position. I told the recruiter that sometimes you just know a little too much for some peoples ego's. However, I never dumbed down myself to appease weakness or insecurity in others. Incompetency is a pandemic in todays world. Literally 90% of it is all about networking/buddy buddy connections and that's it….plain and simple. I've seen it time and time again. Think I'm joking….do this next time a job comes up. Check out the individual who either holds the position or the boss you'd be reporting too on Linkedin and see how their credentials add up to yours. 8 out of 10 times there field of study or work experience doesn't even add up. I've seen the most outrageous stuff where the dot's don't even connect. I saw a woman who was working for a car rental place with no education become a VP of operations for a major construction company (2) years later lol. Yeah ok, it comes down to how you interview alright blah, blah barf. Unless corporations strategically hire millennials knowing their not going to fork out benefits for say a person who's in their twilight years and has dependents.

  21. The only time jobs hire u is if your on unemployment benefits because they get 10200 from goverment for tax advantages so they fire employees theb rehire 10000 employees back and rinse and repeat continuously seen it happen millions of times

  22. LOL fake! the truth is All companies has a high standards and wanted a jack of all trades person with a 10 years of working experience at the age of 25 that can accept their below minimum wage offer.

  23. I am here because I got rejected today from a job that I really really wanted, I believe I did well in the interview I have never shown much passion for other interviews. It was and still hurts and I don't understand what exactly they were thinking I could have helped them a lot, thank you for the video

  24. I got a interview for a graphic Design office job and waited one month to get a answer and they said sorry we didn't a graphic Design after all ah

  25. i’ve applied to 165 jobs and only less than 10 i passed the cv screening and made into interview, and got rejected from all of them. keep knocking doors, the right one for you will open

  26. This was funny listening to how people still make excuses for a poor economy…there are simply too few jobs to go around.

  27. One thing I would wish to express here is, no problem if you reject the candidate, but give them a constructive feedback that they could work upon.

    Just sending text stating you didn't get through doesn't make any sense. The candidate has taken so much of this time to answer your questions, do an assignment and much more.

    It is really rude being blunt to them…

  28. Everyone who sees my resume wants to interview me . I have had so many interviews and no offer .Never experienced this before . I never interview this long without an offer .

  29. What to do if there were moments of silence in the interview, I mean at the end of the interview the interviewer asked simple questions that need to be answered by yes or no or questions answered by few words, and I answered then the interviewer didn't speak, are they waiting for me to talk about something new or what? I think I only have to answer questions and to talk about myself and experience after being asked clear questions
    Silence was wierd, I don't know if I sould say something??

  30. I used to have this approach when I was younger (able to shake off rejection very easily) ….. This video has reminded me of that time…. I certainly was making the failure about me recently…… Much needed reminder!!!

  31. last 10 months 20 interviews yet no offer .. I am losing my self as a whole person since my skillset are in high demands but hiring managers want a person who can train their 10-20 years experienced IT guys . Very tough to crack the selfish mindset.. BTW I only get technical interviews since trend has been changed from hiring managers no longer waste their time on asking HR typical questions

  32. Watching your video is like having a good conversation with my teacher it is really helpful and help putting my mind at ease after my recent rejection. Thank you!

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