Getting Started: Background ECM errors

If mistakes are made building the infrastructure the yellow errors message box can appear when running the model. The errors occur because agents cannot find a route to their destination using the ECM network. You will get familiar with the ECM network, the automatically build routing network and learn to:

• Understand what type of routing errors can occur if mistakes are made building the infrastructure
• What solutions might solve a problem in the routing network.

Tip1: Search the routing error number in the Help to find the cause of the error and help you solve the problem.
Tip2: Display different elements of the ECM network such as the walkable space and the medial axes to help find why a routing error occurs. Check for example if the medial axes have one color.
Tip3: Test run your simulation with only one or a view agents to check if there are no errors that occur. Otherwise each agent can cause the same routing error making it more difficult to find each problem.


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