Getting Your First Government Job

With record numbers of baby boomers entering retirement new opportunities in government service are available for veterans leaving service or students …


8 thoughts on “Getting Your First Government Job”

  1. william mccoy says:

    Thanks for your words of encouragement. I actually just got back from a cleared job fair and left slightly frustrated. I thought with military experience, an active TS and a degree in Biology I would have left with more hits. I will take your advice keep pressing!

  2. ClearanceJobs says:

    Thanks for watching. I've found the parking spot analogy for job searching is the best and most realistic. It also explains why often individuals with average credentials obtain higher-paying or more substantial jobs over other, more qualified applicants.

  3. concreteroads says:

    Your advice is very helpful and yes encouragina. Where should we go to find those internships and fellowships?

  4. Lily Sun says:

    Maybe try less narcissistic way of saying things

  5. Brittaney Dixon says:

    I'm looking for an easy government job to do part time, just so I can join a state employee credit union.

  6. peanutbutterisfu says:

    For the most part government jobs starting pay is terrible. You really need to be young to be able to afford the low pay. I was going to get a government job but at 30 years old with a family and a mortgage payment I couldn’t afford to make 35k per year that’s a 50% pay cut. I would have only made enough money to pay my mortgage and utility bills. I know the benifits are amazing but I just can’t afford to make such low money. It’s very weird how they pay people because a 18 year old with no experience will get paid the same money as me even though I have 12 years experience.

  7. Jay Bartgis says:

    Man. People put in a lot of work to get a position so they don't have to work.

  8. quartytypo says:

    Oxymoron: Government workers

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