GIFTS I GOT FOR MY BIRTHDAY (Lee Min Ho sent me a gift!?)

Unboxing the gifts I got for my birthday! Thank you to all the thoughtful people behind the feeling I feel now. You are the real gift to me.

English subtitles available, turn on CC.


Thank you Cellreturn Platinum LED Mask:

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33 thoughts on “GIFTS I GOT FOR MY BIRTHDAY (Lee Min Ho sent me a gift!?)”

  1. Algene Cañon says:

    Ate donna Pwede po ba mag work sa inyo hehe

  2. Karla Obdianela says:


  3. Bebiano Toca says:

    Puro naman kasi English Hindi KO maintindihan

  4. Cathyrine says:

    13:09 she got lee min ho's gift

  5. Krystel Manaligod says:

    Hi idol shout out naman

  6. Willy Boy Sanchez says:

    come back dolainab

  7. Queenie Buasen says:

    Ang cute

  8. JUNNEL AYUMA says:

    The name is cutee

  9. zepeto Bell_a says:


  10. Jaleesah Lim says:

    the name ni tene bear is doni

  11. Lia Jarren Borong says:

    Lab u ate donnalyn

  12. janellekairilouise listana says:

    Ate donna i want to know lang po kung sino yung boy na nag sasalita?

  13. Doll Lee Jin says:

    Sana all lee min hoo!

  14. Phong Thao says:

    U have the same airport as my brother

  15. Deepak Sah says:


  16. Aashiqui Pyaar Ishq says:

    S-sana all…

  17. maria pasha says:

    kamukha nya si kara david.

  18. Bunny Crewmate says:

    Most of people birthday: get free item

    My birthday: yeah i pay

  19. nhorain Tutor says:

    Wow ang nice

  20. i am Byazy says:


  21. Jhason Castro kyot says:

    bakit nung dumila sya kamuka nya si nicole laeno HAHAHA CUTE :))

  22. Alexa Ca7 says:

    watching her smiles.. im good

  23. Project Platinum says:


  24. Adia Shabazz says:

    wait why im confused why lee minho got her a gift lol

  25. Irene Campos says:

    I want one Donnabob

  26. Rhian kate Gundaya says:

    Ang cute mo po atedonna

  27. Kate Ashley Loreno says:

    Pede pobang humhingi ng give away

  28. My Chanel says:


  29. Yelaena Guillermo says:

    Bash time

  30. Richel Ann Mallannao says:

    sana all my piano

  31. clark and calyx pandes says:


  32. Adam Bhrielle LOZA says:

    you look a like anna in frozen

  33. saudi samarita says:

    ako po gustu ko po

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