Government Background Investigation Explained – Federal Hiring Advice Podcast

This episode of the Federal Hiring Advice Podcast covers the government background investigation. There is a lot of confusion about the investigation. For the most part the investigation process isn’t as serious as people make it. This episode covers the Eqip online questions, OF306, and what information is required.

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20 thoughts on “Government Background Investigation Explained – Federal Hiring Advice Podcast”

  1. Hello, I was offered a VA position but it’s only paying 1,000 more than what I make now because of my raised from current job. I work for state so when I looked up my benefits, federal is more than state benefits. I feel like I wouldn’t get a significantly increase. I tried to negotiate for step 1 to 2 with the recruiter she told me no. I was like if you do the numbers, I wouldn’t get more but like 20 dollars. What should I do? Is it worth to leave for that amount? I’m going to a position that’s no flexibility like my current one.

  2. After you submit your SF-86 E-Qip, who all has access to the information you provided in it? Do hiring managers review it and now know every detail of your life?

  3. What are some possible career paths for the military dual status technician job? It is under 0301 series, does it mean I could potentially bounce around in this series?

  4. What if you’re in the military still and disclosed the misdemeanor before service but it’s now being expunged? I’m getting out while also applying for a federal job. Would I still need to say yes to having had one even though it was expunged?

  5. So I applied for a USDA job but I do have driving offenses dwp a lot that’s would that disqualify me?

  6. Thank you for posting. It was very informative. Would OPM or any other government contractor pull your tax returns and under what circumstances?

  7. Hello Sir. I have a question please. I got a final interview today with the CBP, and they are going to conduct a background check. the only thing that bothers me is my credit score which is not at the right level. could you tel me what to expect?

  8. QUESTION REGARDING PSYCHOLOGICAL/SUITABILITY TESTING: If you take a psychological test with one Federal agency for a position, do all federal agencies have access to those results (whether pass/considered or fail/non-considered)? Would that be a negative factor in your background with an agency if you don't disclose that you took a psychological test with another agency (or is it even required to disclose)? Would failing a federal psychological test show up in your background?

  9. hey thank u for posting this but I can't hear you at all!! You were loud at the very begging but once you started explaining its too quiet. Can you re-do this please? I feel like your advice is gonna b helpful i just can't hear you

  10. The e-qip doesn't accept my employment dates. It says the to date must not be later than the date I put it. I'm confused

  11. For a job with the VA, do police reports without arrests or convictions show up on federal background checks?

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