Green Card with a Criminal Record? | Award-Winning Immigration Lawyers | Margaret W Wong

If you’ve been convicted of a crime in my country can I obtain a Visa or Green Card for the United States? How about if you have a DUI? Associate, Richard Drucker tells all.

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11 thoughts on “Green Card with a Criminal Record? | Award-Winning Immigration Lawyers | Margaret W Wong”

  1. josias colin says:

    I was convicted of a crime when I was 15 years old now I'm 35 and they just dropped the charge but they wind up deporting me for that same charge and they also approved of my i-130 petition what do I do now

  2. Kasanita Vi says:

    I put down that I have a felony by mistake it’s actually a misdemeanor for 1st DUI. What will happen I just submitted couple months ago

  3. jack seaman says:

    I got all my bad records Cleared by bet_crack on insta:qram his fast and reliable whatapp @ +1(902)201-1363 ✔️

  4. Filthiest Curried Sausage In India says:


    Would 2 convictions for graffiti and possession of graffiti implements from 7 years ago (was 18 at the time) be a problem for me from moving, immigrating or obtaining a greencard to the US, from Australia?

    Thanks mate

  5. annie aguon says:

    I was convicted in 2006 and do my time prison 22 months with good behavior it lessen to 18 months. I was convicted of tax fraud moral torpitute. 2009 I was released and my husband file I-130 and it was approved and my I-485 was denied bcoz of my past conviction. I choose voluntary departure, now I am here in the Philippines, I came here 2017 of October. Can my USC children petition me again. I have 4 USC children instead of my husband.

  6. Dovidas Sneideraitis says:

    I'm EU citizen and I study and live here in UK now. About two weeks ago I got conditional caution for harassment without violence – I send unwanted messages, some of them have been sexual nature. I can't see and contact that person for 6 months. I have no any other crimes in my country, UK or any other country. I want to study master's degree in the future in US, get green card and citizenship. Can it affect me?

  7. A W says:

    I have traveled to work I. The Caribbean, I do have an open. Case and would like to take care of this in florida , I am in the Caribbean, am not a use citizen, how do I take care of this case

  8. R says:

    Will Biden reform pardon false claim citizenship?
    Thank you Sir

  9. Tamera James says:

    Does juvenile delinquency prohibit a us visa/green card? What if the crime is moral turpitude however, it was done at a young age? & the crime would not have been considered a crime in the US but it’s considered a crime in the UK

  10. Manuel Serrato says:

    Hi. I have a brother that came back in to the USA after being deported for using false green card. He got married to an US citizen and now they have kids.

  11. Elisa Flores says:

    If a ticket was issued for a misdemeanor simple possession schedule 2…. But the charge has been expunged … Can I still qualify for the i-130 petition?

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