Gun Rights woman makes a total fool out of clueless BBC reporter

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37 thoughts on “Gun Rights woman makes a total fool out of clueless BBC reporter”

  1. 2A is for defending against Tyrannical Government. Not for sports not for hunting. Just to be able to defend against Government! This News Woman has no clue about 2A. Such snuty ELITEST. When she gets in trouble, she wants to be whith the deplorables. People like her never built nothing. Didn't discover nothing. All thrue out history they put heroes and brave Men down. One word. COWERDS!

  2. Stupid MF idiots! I was taught how to disarm another human being as a child! …. In the 1960s! Guns DO NOT promte a safer society! They merely escalate the level of danger, and jeopardy!
    Only a fuckwit would think the argument against guns is a bad one, regardless of the persons involved in the argument!

  3. Here is a pure FACT
    No law abiding Citizen has ever committed a Crime
    Lawless people commit crimes
    2 brothers kill their family with a butcher
    knife in Tulsa Ok
    No gun needed
    They were criminal minded
    A man slays he brother on Christmas Day
    With a Christmas stand
    No gun needed
    Again no Law abiding Citizen commits

  4. When ingrorance in it's raw form (the interviewer) meets an intelegent force (the interviewee) ignorance assumes itself intelligent yet shows how just how ignorant she really is. I find myself asking if I was the one being interviewed I think I would say the words " are you messing with me or are you just du… special?"

  5. Mean while the party that wants your guns are guilty of 99% of mass shootings and the butchering of over 61 million preborn babies.

  6. Hey BBC the American Constitution clearly states in black and white "SHALL NOT BE IN FRINGED" and that Constitution is the ultimate law of the land and CANOT be revoked just because politicians wanna take away people's right to protect or defend themselves from serious harm.

  7. Perfect example of someone who doesn't have a clue as to what she is talking about trying to interview someone who actually does.

  8. You go woman. Am an old woman now, but totally agree with you on this gun issue for self defense.
    God bless you

  9. Must be a great feeling of liberty to have to buy a gun to feel safe from others who have guns. The 2A is serving the US citizens very well indeed. Good luck with the next mass shooting which is most likely only hours or days away.

  10. I just saw this interview and want to say big ups to this lady for representing herself in an equitable fashion. I find it funny that a UK/BBC reporter wants to talk about how guns are a demon issue inside the US, but has no concern for her own country where they do ban guns. Still however there are gun deaths in the UK.. Why? Because you can't regulate criminals and the black-market. This reporter was totally basing her interview in misconstrued and non-factual talking points.

    What she also didn't take into consideration was the 2nd amendment which is the part of the foundation upon which the US was built. The Founders realized that just as they had found to exit the control of Kings and Queens, that there might be a time where it should happen where politicians decide the can contain the citizens of the US. Hence they gave US citizens the pathway to ALWAYS be able to resist politicians that become out of line entities in an effort to power grab.

    Lastly, let's really be honest here. This reporter tries to make a case that citizens in the US ought to have guns taken from them as has happen in the UK. We need to talk about the fact that that taking place in the UK is a very high rate of knifes crimes as the primary weapon of choice. For sure the UK has limited gun ownership, but not totally eliminated the illegal possession of guns They seem to be borderline on controlling who can have a knife on their person because each year there are a record number of deaths in the UK from All sorts on knives and machetes being used..

    So what was suppose to be a big story for the BBC became a BIG FAIL on the part of a BBC reporter primarily because she doesn't have a clue about having rights let alone the right to defend yourself and your family..

    We need to understand that when citizens are obeying the LAW that they governing body should not be looking for ways to punish those who don't commit crimes. Those that are proponents of doing something about gun crimes also need to be looking for ways to combat against criminals as opposed to trying to make law abiding citizens overnight felons.

  11. Umm… investigative journalists were able to obtain a fully automatic AK within 48 hours of landing in the UK… they are easy access there as well through the dark web. Gun "Control" is a myth, they are WAY too low tech to ever effectively keep out of the hands of someone who really wants one and there's 3D printing etc etc. If you're living in the UK just be aware, A crazy can get one there too quite quickly.

  12. See here in Germany their mentality is so just focus on fake news and no the one who can have illegal firearms are criminals! They buy it from other countries and many countries sells illegal firearms in the US!

  13. "Gun laws in your country" allow for this or that….Stop right there! The God given right to arms is enshrined in our constitution. Sorry you serve at the pleasure of the crown, Lady.

  14. Where was the police while the shooting was taking place? Oh yeah the coward was standing outside dumping in his pants instead of trying to stop Cruz like he's supposed to

  15. Sorry but NO-ONE SHOULD EVER OWN A GUN!!!! NO GUNS = A LOT OF LESS DEATHS!!! People who do not have any mental problems and live a great life, it only takes one thing as to when most people in countries that do not have guns would have the thought of doing wrong in any highly stressed, depressed high anxiety moment would only be a thought or a reason to do drugs or harm one's self… Not in America.. these people that if not for having the rite to own a gun would ever take a persons life …. It is the exact reason why AMERICA has the highest jail population in the world…

  16. The problem is school security is not taken seriously by school districts. They concentrate on the wrong thing. Weapons and not security. Security arrangement is basically the same the world over
    1. Comprehensive security assessment.
    2. Secure the perimeter. Usually fencing
    3. Entrances constantly monitered/manned during peak traffic
    4. Key cardholders only allowed access; guests logged in and tracked. Locked entrance.
    5. a Sufficient number of trained and armed security staff.

    Let's not kid ourselves. The totalitarian Democrat party wants to strip us of our tools of defense. Guns. To enslave us.


  18. When gun people are pretending an M4 or the ar-15 as not an assault weapon is slightly dishonest. It could be called a battle rifle, an assault weapon, an attack weapon.

    The 800 lb gorilla is the real reason to have military weapons. The only sure way the people have freedom is to be able to defend themselves. We may have to resist an outside invader or a totalitarian party that has stolen the election.

    Don't duck around looking guilty. Deal with the underlying question.

  19. FOX network should have Antonia as a guest because she is so articulate and reasoning (not to mention gorgeous). Also, her patience: Across 12 minutes, not one interruption of the BBC talking head.

  20. Was the real interviewer out sick that day because that one was just stupid.. how'd she get that job

  21. Why would the BBC care, or more importantly, have a right to comment or criticize American rights?

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