Gun Shop Workers, What Red Flags Cause You To Deny A Sale? (r/AskReddit)

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24 thoughts on “Gun Shop Workers, What Red Flags Cause You To Deny A Sale? (r/AskReddit)”

  1. Most of these New Gun buyers Voted to take away Americans Right to own Guns.
    They don't deserve to own a gun.
    But hey, they found out how useless the Police are and NOW, they just got to have one.
    But it's just a Consumer trend to them, like Pokemon & Cardishians.
    It's only a matter of time before they leave it unsecure and their kid shoots themselves, Or someone breaks in when they aren't home and steals the gun, or they accidently shoot themselves or someone else. When that happens they won't take responsibility and they WILL blame the gun.

  2. I remember me and my brother in law went to go look at some guns. He picks up a rifle and ask the owner " this can kill someone right?" (Mind my area has restrictions against real guns like pistols and actual rifles, the guns we were buying had metal framgment things as it's bullets) I was shocked and kinda scared because at the time he had a bad temper…

  3. Some of them are pretty much saying they plan on committing a mass shooting, I don't think there was a bigger red flag in the USSR.

  4. The kid pointing the shotgun woulda floored me too.

    Had a friend mess around and point blank shoot the neck with a paint ball gun joking it was empty and the safe was on and he fucked around and it went off and it hurt like a mf!!!

  5. These idiots should've just gone to a gun show if they wanted a gun for sketchy purposes. Much easier that way.

  6. Got close to this at bass pro shops. Looking at hand guns with a buddy. He finds one he like. Sale is almost made I ask the CSR “and what isle do you keep the anti-depressants?”

  7. “He had a blue bandana, had no beard and his getup consisted of a blue ski suit and black armor pads, also his name on his id was David…all of this happened in Alaska.

  8. Myth Busted: It is not that easy to buy a gun in the US. It's easier than most places, but it's not like buying a gallon of milk.

  9. not a firearms store employee, but i guess i have to tell on myself. wasn't really anything bad, but i guess i could have handled it a little better. had to send a firearm off to Ruger to have some work done. this was the week before thanksgiving week. waited til tuesday (sent out the firearm the friday before) to give ruger a call. they said they had sent the firearm back on monday. fuck yeah! call my lgs and they said they would call me back. waited a couple days and called them again. same response. wait til the following monday to call again. once again, same response. i decide to go in there and ask the manager what was going on. a lady overheard me and went to the back and said oh look here it is. (no shit stupid, yall had it since last tuesday.) lady proceeds to pull out 4473. i was new to firearms and didn't understand why i had to sign another 4473 to get my property back. she said well techincally you surrendered ownership the moment you sent it out. i fill out the 4473 and completely forget i hadn't updated my ID to match my new address (apartment living is trash). get denied to receive my property back. didn't say anything mean to the lady as it wasn't her fault, but i did say that its fucking bullshit that one forfeits ownership just have work done. i ended up getting a new id and got my gun back a week later, but still. they kept my gun far longer and never called me back. didn't bother to look until i showed up in person. then was denied because i moved a mile down the road. i guess moral of the story is, if you are wanting to have work done on your firearm, make sure you take it to place that doesn't claim ownership of your property for a fucking service.

  10. the amount of people who answer yes on the felony question and then are suprised to be told no is baffling

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