he trespassed the tomb of the unknown soldier… (BIG MISTAKE)

he tried to trespass the tomb of the unknown soldier… the guard did this! Never mess with the guard of the tomb of the unknown soldier. Today we are looking at people messing with guards. Enjoy the video! ^^

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ReasoningBEHIND – he tried to mess with a guard of the tomb of the unknown soldier.. (BIG MISTAKE)

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40 thoughts on “he trespassed the tomb of the unknown soldier… (BIG MISTAKE)”

  1. When you trespass on to the tomb of the unknown soldier, the most difficult part isn't getting past the guard, it's the fact that you stepped on what is a grave for millions of dead soldiers, no one's going to let you forget that

  2. Some of these people… Are not to be considered adults. They're basically old babies that need to be monitored at all times

  3. Who cares if this guy yells lol I can yell too and if they get too close its protect yourself at all times I'm not saying assault people of authority but if they try to harm you or get too close in boxing its protect yourself at all times from ANY HARM from anyone

  4. So basically you stole a bunch of clips from other YouTube accounts, and made you own video alone with your 12 year old voice over it? Genius

  5. That’s an extremely sharp bayonet at the end of his rifle. Nobody to mess with. He is authorized to use it if necessary

  6. In taiwan, there are always a few officers dressing casually walking or standing near the uniform guards to prevent such incidents.

  7. People who never stood guard, or served in the military for that matter, make fun of proud soldiers trained to guard.Disrespectful and stupid at best…

  8. I like how the us guards respond with charging their weapon while the brits respond with a mildly aggressive foot stomp

  9. That is definitely what is different about the younger generation these days, No clue at all. I saw a guy disrespecting a Queen's Guard standing at attention and the guard clocked him knocking him out! "Boom! Out go the lights!"

  10. I think it should be against the law to harass the palace guards. There should be a bobbie present to prevent it.

  11. Need to start shooting these types of people and maybe theyll start behaving like people instead of animals.

  12. The woman who threw her glove at the soldier… what in the world was in her brain? How rude!!!!!!!!! If she did that to an animal at the zoo, she would be sent out immediately, yet here she did it to a human being — who is a soldier! Try do that to a person at the park, someone might punch her at the face. She was lucky the officer was too polite to just tell her off & educate her.

  13. Pass a law that whomever trespasses at the tomb of the unknown soldier and other places shall be shot with little or no investigation

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