Hematology: Clearing error codes from the Mindray BC 3200 Part 2

This video shows some trouble shooting steps one can take to clear error codes from this Point of Care hematology analyzer.


18 thoughts on “Hematology: Clearing error codes from the Mindray BC 3200 Part 2”

  1. sysmex xp 100 BACK GROUND CHECK ERROR BLANK ERROR 411010.0.0 , WBC CLOG 311140.182.0 AND HGB ERROR 415000.9999.4361 SOLUTION PLEASE

  2. No need to waste this large amount of diluent because the system says it is expired, just put another bar code in diluent screen and you're good to go.

    It's not really expired, just the system count since day you opened it rather than real day of it's expire.

  3. Hi! I just wanna ask, if I am going to use a probe cleanser, should I feed it as a sample as well? I hope you reply. Thank you!

  4. Please can you help me? I have mindray bc 3000 plus .The problem is ///erreur de filtre sous vide//vacuum filter erroror //What is the solution please

  5. Please can you help me ? I have mindray bc 2300 . The problem is remove the error , sytume error ,,What is the Solution please

  6. hii i have mindray 2800 cellcounter & it shows me syringe motor error n vaccum low pls suggest the solution for my problem..

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