Hematology: Clearing error codes on the Mindray BC 3200 Part 1

This video starts with the end of the Probe Cleanser Cleaning procedure and explains other ways to clear error codes.


8 thoughts on “Hematology: Clearing error codes on the Mindray BC 3200 Part 1”

  1. marinescug says:

    HGB error is caused lby a start with bubbles on diluent line, or more precise the missing diluent during the start-up of the photocolorimetric channel, on WBC bath. Simly adjust the HGB voltage to be around 4.5 V and restart the instrument. There is no connnection with the expiry date of the reagents.

  2. Vinayak Kadam says:

    How to delete id hematology please reply

  3. SIDDIQ AKBAR says:

    how could be set voltage for hb

  4. Bhagwan das Diwakar says:

    Hgb adjust dikha raha h kya karen(mindray bc2800)

  5. Tina Kurnia says:

    how to fix forgotten shutdown lab

  6. Bianca Raagas says:

    How to correct high plt

  7. Ziena Nema says:

    Please how I can remove WBC bubble

  8. سيف عجيل says:

    Sorry, what is the problem with WBC bupples?

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