HOME DEPOT Interview Questions & Answers! (How to Prepare for a Home Depot Job Interview!)

If you have a Home Depot interview coming up for any job role whatsoever, please make sure you study this interview training tutorial fully as it will help you to PASS with flying colors!
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In this video, Richard McMunn will teach you:
1. A list of Home Depot interview questions I recommend you prepare for;
2. Great ANSWERS to help you PASS your Home Depot interview (ALL ROLES!);
3. The QUALITIES you need to demonstrate to pass your HOME DEPOT interview;
4. Further resources to help you SUCCEED!

Q. How long is a Home Depot interview?
A. This depends on your answers. However, you can expect to be in the interview for approximately 30 minutes.

Q. How do I prepare for a Home Depot interview?
A. Watch the video and Richard will teach you how!

Q. Can I wear jeans to Home Depot interview?
A. We recommend you do not wear jeans!

Q. How do you answer why should we hire you?
A. List the skills, the qualities, and the competencies you have that are a match for the Home Depot job you are being interviewed for.

Q. What questions are asked in a Home Depot interview?
Q. Some of the questions are covered in this video.

Q. Tell me about yourself and why you want this job at Home Depot?
TIPS: This is your chance to get the interview off to a flying start! Think about the skills and qualities you have that will ADD VALUE to the Home Depot business.

Q. Why Home Depot?
TIPS: The hiring manager wants to know you genuinely want to work for Home Depot, and this is not just a route to gaining another job later on down the line. Carry out some research into Home Depot prior to your interview.

Q. When have you worked as part of a team?
TIPS: A team working question is pretty much guaranteed to come up during your Home Depot interview. Structure your answer using the STAR technique to gain the highest marks.

Q. Describe a time when you had to pay attention to detail?
TIPS: One of the required competencies to work at Home Depot is attention to detail – this is applicable to all roles. Accuracy, whilst at work is essential, so make sure you give the hiring manager a great answer to this interview question!

Q. What would you do if a customer asked you a question that you did not have an answer to?
SAMPLE ANSWER: “I would say I am sorry I did not know the answer, but if they waited where they were, I would go and find someone who did have the answer and bring it back to them.
It wouldn’t matter how busy I was with other tasks, the customer must come first and I would get an answer for them straight away.”

Q. What are the most important skills needed to work at Home Depot?
TIPS: This interview question assesses whether or not you understand Home Depot’s values and work standards. There are a number of different ‘competencies’ needed to work at Home Depot, so make sure you include them in your answer!

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26 thoughts on “HOME DEPOT Interview Questions & Answers! (How to Prepare for a Home Depot Job Interview!)”

  1. I've a phone interview tom 3pm for kitchen designer. If anyone is familiar with this, help me!

  2. I have an interview today in 2 hours and I’m freaking out but this really helped a lot . Thanks !

  3. Just be yourself and sell yourself as if you're ready to work.

    I applied just for shits and giggles and I got the job. I thought I was bombing.

  4. I have an interview in 5 days a bit nervous already but I’ll come back and update y’all on the questions they ask me!
    Update: just finished my interview , questions were very easy coming from a non experienced person

  5. I did more work everyday then everyone in my area including credit cards surveys and chaldean in a diffrent language help in parking lot every day constant thank you from my store manager and assistant managers just to watch my store manager laigh uncontrolably in my face

  6. Thank you. It was that freaking Q. Answer that I must've butchered in the past 2 interviews.

  7. This is my first interview!!! How should I dress??? My interview is for the order fulfillment associate. Should I dress casual or professional??

  8. I had an interview today and got offered the job! I studied this video and it went so well. The questions I got asked were: 1. Tell me about yourself why did you apply at Home Depot? 2. Name a time where you had to pay close attention to detail. 3. Name a time where you had to work in teams 4. Are you good at using electronics? 5. What would you do if a customer asked you a question you didn’t know the answer to? Most of the questions I was asked were on this video!!

  9. Thank you so much for this video! The same questions were asked and this helped so much. Had my first interview yesterday and got called back today to go in tomorrow for second. I’ll post an update!!

    UPDATE: Got hired!! Start orientation on Saturday!

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