HOUSE FiRE ESCAPE!! 🔥 Roblox Family party for Niko’s birthday! Fashion Show with new Adley merch

new Adley and Niko Bear shirts for YOU!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! IT’S TIME FOR ANOTHER ROBLOX GAME!! But this time I am playing with all of my friends, we played a game called Brookhaven where we pretended to be one big family! Me and dad were the grown up’s, Alli and Mom were the kids, and Nick was the baby. Plus we also had baby Niko bear play with us. First we started by moving to our new neighborhood, but we had to build a house. So dad built our house while I parked the car with all of the kids. Then we all moved in to our new dream house! The house was so big that we decided to play a game of hide and seek, and I was the finder! First I found mom hiding under the blankets on her bed. Then I found Alli hiding behind a big plant. But then, the house caught on fire!! We all ran out of the house safely and got our fire extinguishers. Then we all ran in as one big family to put out the fire! When we finally put out all the fire we were all really hot, so we decided to go get ice cream and then go camping for NiKO’S BiRTHDAY!! We ate ice cream and cake, then Niko wanted to have a real life dance party! After our camping trip we had a fashion show since we just got BRAND NEW A for Adley and Niko Bear shirts! I had such a fun day with all of my friends and family playing roblox.

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*


40 thoughts on “HOUSE FiRE ESCAPE!! 🔥 Roblox Family party for Niko’s birthday! Fashion Show with new Adley merch”

  1. Ishan B says:


  2. Kelly Halkiotis says:

    Ñ. Nñ)

  3. Deepti Kulshrestha says:

    Happy birthday nioc

  4. Deepti Kulshrestha says:

    Happy birthday niko

  5. Maryam Rabee says:


  6. Winghashirley Leung says:

    c b h x d j h x g j h x k d h g xv d x j j z b c h c j x b v j h b k x c z v j h k b c d v h j b z d v f k n b v d f j j n k b j j b h k

  7. Laura Kumar says:

    Can you figure out a username for roblox for me I don't have a username

  8. Naya Ocampo says:

    Little bears birthday

  9. David Downer says:

    There is a real camping spots

  10. Beattriz Mail says:

    Hi what is your favorite thing to do Adley my name is Aubrey I want to talk to you maybe tell your mom to call my mom dead i I am your biggest fan I told my mom is is it OK to call you and she said not right now where do you live in Utah because what’s your address tell me the words to your house by at least the Saunders and Jenny and Nico Nico

  11. Keisha Keesh says:

    I sent you a letter I hope it comes soon by the way happy birthday niko

  12. Nicola Jones says:

    R u guys gonna vlog Niko's bday xx

  13. Lilly Biscit Creations says:

    4$3838333772883832373377373737333882288337373636$536263636 ueeueyryryyeeuuueeueuiwietuitrrioro828384845858&949393394864

  14. Louie Elizes says:

    I play Brookhaven! Are you gonna play adopt me?

  15. Anita Brooks says:

    My birthday is on 25

  16. Courtney Royster says:

    Oh my god what are you guys doing

  17. Spicy_ Reese says:


  18. RickPlayz says:

    Baby driveing

  19. Sariahs Play world says:

    I watch people on YouTube play Brookhaven what about 227 minutes but I never played it for myself before but I've been playing lots of other Roblox games in the past because I don't have the app anymore but I just have to figure a way to sign in and redownload it OMG OMG OMG I love you so much

  20. celine jellyfan says:

    i love broohkhaven yas

  21. Bobby Fenton says:

    Thuiugl oih

  22. Tabitha Simpson says:

    happ bithda niko

  23. Jones Family Life Down Under says:

    I love you ❤️

  24. SodaVanillaWaffl says:


  25. Glenda Bonilla says:

    Omg you have roblóx me too and unicorn cach

  26. Nicholas Choi Chuan Tan says:


  27. jada marshall says:


  28. Ozzy Gonzalez says:

    Please play Brookhaven that’s my favorite game and I dreamed you playing it

  29. Veronica Grano says:

    What is the game kold

  30. thomasraechel1 says:

    you guys are awesome

  31. Tyrus Beebe says:


  32. Tyrus Beebe says:

    i love you .

  33. Bake ToolPh says:

    Happy birthday to Niko

  34. Anabertha Montellano says:

    And happy brith day Xiaomi

  35. Nasrin Mulla says:

    Happy bday Nico!

  36. Fun unboxing And more says:

    Adley was wearing cookie swirl c merch in Brookhaven cookie swirl c dose videos

  37. Qin Chen says:

    Adley do you know how to make kinetic sand because I do

  38. Tiffiney Skeets says:


    Could you please tell her to send me

  39. Comfort Manget says:


  40. Sophia Mejia says:

    I wish I kept adding Roblox how do you know the YouTube or

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