Housing Options for Felons

Most apartment complexes ask if you have ever been convicted of a crime and usually will disqualify you if you say yes. Being a felon means there’s a good chance you can’t afford a house. This can be very challenging issue to navigate. Here’s my advice.


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  1. I'm pretty,much terrified given I'm just charged right now and am fighting to prove my innocence while preparing for the worst. I already have a house and have paid for it for over a year yet now I'm afraid of I'm convicted on these first offense charges I'm going to,lose it all. My main job even has me on unpaid leave cause I was arrested while still at work on the clock instead of being at home. Pretty much depending on the outcome of my trial I could either be legally fired cause my job would then have that ability or I'll be maybe able to come back if I'm found innocent. Yet my search for a job has been hell since everyone has that policy and I'm lucky to have my job diverong pizzas yet it's not enough. Temp agencies that pay day to day are a gamble and won't really lead me anywhere since I have to go there every day really early to even get a chance at a job for the day. On top of most companies even that are felony friendly only take those on a case by case basis. The whole thing needs to change and allow anyone to get a home as well as be able to change their lives back to being a member of society. Don't keep punishing them forever after they already paid their debt and are trying hard to reintegrate back. No matter the crime they should be allowed to work at a job that has nothing to do with what they did to get labeled for as well as be able to live in an apartment that isn't in a very dangerous part of town nor just complete dump where it's not even got a proper bathroom. These small things can make a huge difference to someone who is wanting to reintegrate back into society and not be forever punished after paying their debt to society for a crime.

  2. More less where was your credit?
    Its greatly appreciated… going crazy trying to make it on my own with this dumb felony

  3. Just went through this. Paid 1st , last 2400 dollars. 150 Application fee, passed the property management background check and ultimately denied by HOA. Fun.

  4. I want to know how many are denied for lying especially for convictions that are decades old. We had someone getting interviewed who had a felony dui 25 years old. He lied and said he didn't have a criminal record. He would have been hired if he had put it on his background. He was denied for lying.

  5. You will see more crime if you take repeat offenders. You have people who offended once and never again and you have career criminals. It also makes a difference how many assets you have. If you own a business and own your house a criminal record may not mean much. Criminal records have no effect on buying a house.

  6. Thanks for the information me and my wife are trying to get a house and she is saying it won’t work with me on there because I have a felony on my record. In which it is 8 yrs old now

  7. one option is to buy an RV and live in an RV park. its s good starting point until ya can figure out something better.

  8. Which apartments in Columbus don’t do background checks? Trying to find places for a friend

  9. I’ve recently been released from jail I have two felonies and a few misdemeanors. I have applied at numerous places and have been denied again and again. Do you have any ideas on how I can get a good job I do not care to work for any fast food restaurant. I was in the medical field before my conviction. I also wanted to further my career but I have no idea what to go to school for because I don’t even know which field I am able to work in. I also live in Texas. What should I do?

  10. Bro you live in Ohio that is so cool same here go buckeyes(sorry I know this is not the point of the video I just kind of got excited) I’m actually helping my dad look for housing

  11. I'm just finding your channel and im glad i did. My back is against the wall, my fiancee is in the medical field and basically the bread winner. We have 3 kids. I feel ashamed because I'm not pulling my weight as i should as a man and head of house because of my felony. Doesn't help that i live in a area where there is not much economic mobility career wise especially if you have a felony. Just hope to learn a lot from your channel bro, and appreciate your work on our behalf.

  12. Hey man! How often would you get approved checking no? My felony is 2 1/2 years old and I’ve been very straight edge great credit like you

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  14. apartments where i live are 1,500/mo one bedroom… like HOOOOWWWW!!?!?!?!?!? my bf has a felony so we're fucked. cape cod is super discriminatory so we don't know what to do. but thank you for this video, we'll have to try these out.

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  16. Great video. Would be great to talk with you. Partner with you. Dynamic dad Magnificent Mom with other partners have a campaign a movement called I AM NOT MY RECORD

  17. Good luck in Florida. 99.99% of landlords will not rent to a felon regardless of how long ago the crime took place. Almost all landlords will do a background check on you. Almost all require you to be a registered voter. It is how they get around laws prohibiting discrimination against non citizens. You can't register if you are not a citizen. It is also virtually impossible to register to vote if you have a felony conviction. And, being pardoned or having your record expunged doesn't work in Florida since all criminal records are on the state's website and nothing on that website get's removed. Even if you get a new trial and are acquitted the second time around, your first conviction remains on the state's website. You can also see in some counties anyone who has ever been arrested for a misdemeanor. Some landlords won't rent to you if you were convicted of shoplifting a pack of gum in 1942.

  18. Seems like people with records need to get together to purchase property and own their own home jointly.

  19. bro i dont even have a felony . . . credits 552 and 525 , misedmeanor conspiracy for distro of cds , like smh good jobs and everything but nobody will take us . . .

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