How background checks work for gun sales

Lawmakers face growing pressure to expand background checks to private gun transactions. We visit a local gun shop to learn how those checks work.

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16 thoughts on “How background checks work for gun sales”

  1. There is no gun registry, so if the govt doesn't know you own a gun, how can they regulate its sale, and prove it happened before, versus after the law passed? It's impossible to enforce. These Idiotic autocrats in suits are either genuinely stupid, or this is a giant publicity stunt. I'm leaning towards publicity stunt to appease the majority ignorant electorate in his district.

  2. The reason we don't need background checks is because we know how they abuse authority now and who can you turn to when the fbi gives you the run around?

  3. Wait a minute is it the same FBI that broke the law by spying on a presidential candidate? So I got to get approved by criminals in order to own a gun?

  4. And to people thinking that private sales is the gun show loophole…….Despite that private sales has absolutely nothing to do with the gun shows. Practically morons think that made sense, or trying to make a fool out of others.

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  6. Even without the requirement to do background check, I would still want to transfer that firearm through FFL. That way I have a record in case that Joe blow out in that parking lot tries to sell me a murder weapon.

  7. The reason we all need permission from the government is because they want as few people owning guns, (that the constitution gives the God given right to own), because guns were meant to defend yourself from or even overthrow the government if need be as a last resort.

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