How big does your company need to be to conduct employment background checks?

How big does your company need to be to conduct employment background checks?

Our company is too small to need employment background checks

When we are talking to businesses and HR professionals we often hear them say, oh our company is too small to need background checks or we only hire people we know so there is no need to run a background or we do backgrounds ourselves.

No matter the size of your company the risks are still the same. These risks extend to your managers, employees, partners and your customers.

We are seeing that small and medium sized businesses are being required to provide proof that they are conducting background checks on their employees in order to maintain client relationships and comply with Master Service Agreements and compliance requirements.

According to national human resource associations here are some statistics that you should review.

Average negligent hiring lawsuit settlement is 1 Million Dollars
Cost of bad hiring decision is 30% of first year’s potential earnings.
79% of employers lost the negligent hiring case in court.
53% (I’ve seen up to 70 in other articles) or applications/resumes contain inaccurate info.
34% contain outright lies.
2 million American workers are victims of workplace violence per year.
2014 saw 403 American workplace homicides

It is important to keep in mind that companies do not need to run the same type of background check on every employee or that you should only run background checks on “key” employees. Implementing an employment background screening policy in

A pre-employment background check is the most economic business insurance you can buy as most of them run approximately $30-$75. A good motto to live by is to trust, but verify.

If you want to have a look at video that we made for small business owners on the 5 Tips and Tricks you need to know when it comes to Employment Background Screening click the link below.

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Tim Santoni is the President & CEO of Santoni Investigations @santoniinv. Santoni Investigations is an entrepreneurial and innovative, family owned, investigation firm that was founded over 40 years ago. Tim is a licensed private investigator–LPI, certified private investigator CALI and an active and certified member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners NAPBS. He works with Insurance Companies, Law Firms, Brand Owners & Business owners to help mitigate risk through comprehensive investigative services.

He has testified as an expert witness in counterfeiting, insurance fraud and a variety of other civil cases. He has worked and supervised over 20,000 investigations.

Tim is passionate about elevating the private investigation industry and educating clients and investigators. He is an active member of CALI, NCISS, NAPBS and regularly speaks and attends MCLE type topics for attorneys and legal professionals.

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