How Criminal Defense Attorneys Get Cases Dismissed

San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Jamahl Kersey explains how defense attorneys get criminal cases dismissed.

Jamahl Kersey is a Criminal Defense and Immigration Lawyer in San Diego, California. He has defended all kinds of criminal cases from petty theft up to high-profile homicide. He started his legal career as a file clerk while in college at San Diego State University.

He attended Law School at the University of San Diego. As a student, he served as an intern for a Superior Court Judge, learning the ins and outs of the courtroom and how judges ruled on legal matters. He then became a Certified Legal Intern at the San Diego District Attorney’s Office in the Family Protection Unit and the Superior Court Division. Jamahl completed his first felony jury trial while he was just a second-year law student, an impressive feat and an important milestone in his career.

Jamahl competed in National Mock Trial Competitions, helping his team take 1st place in the San Diego Defense Lawyers National Competition. He was named as one of the top eight oral advocates of his graduating class.

After taking the California Bar Examination, Jamahl did his post-bar clerkship at the San Diego District Attorney’s Office where he again tried a felony case before a jury before becoming licensed as an attorney.

Jamahl started his career as an attorney at a defense firm in Orange County, defending companies from lawsuits. After his exit from the firm, he started Kersey Law in 2010.

In addition to criminal matters, Kersey Law handles immigration cases. Kersey Law assists with green cards, visas, and citizenship applications. Jamahl also defends people from deportation.

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18 thoughts on “How Criminal Defense Attorneys Get Cases Dismissed”

  1. How do I ask for all officers and dash video and body mic audio without getting them upset lol

  2. I have catagory b felony drug position this is my 1st charge caught with 3 grams of heroin I use iama user wat shud I do

  3. if it is a domestic voilence case and What if gf wants to withdraw the case but police disagree and also charge for property damage but the apartment is under joint name. What can be done to dismiss the charge

  4. Very informative for my Criminal Law class. Now I have a better understanding of what i just read for my class and the assignment i’m tasked with. Thx!

  5. Upon my PTR the Prosecuting attorney contacted my mom and told her to have me call her? Which I did, unknowingly that I wasn't supposed to
    Isn't that illegal? My lawyer ain't shit so I'll be representing myself in court tomorrow.

  6. What if a prosecutor had a case where someone killed in self defense, and didn't feel comfortable with proving them guilty? Could they turn down the case?

  7. Very, very informative, thank you! I strongly believe my nephew is being railroaded (I’d throw him under the bus in a heartbeat if I believed he was involved in this criminal case)
    I love all I know nothing (watch a LOT of true crime) and so much of what you said is what my plans are in trying to help me (HWOB) another month,
    The strategy, the weaknesses, the misconceptions of the cop etc.

    Thanks again and stay well ❤️

  8. I was charged with domestic assault first offense and child endangerment aggravated misdemeanor. No threats or physical contact made I knocked down a air purifier, and shoved a vase off the counter left and police were called on me . Again no one was harmed or verbally threatened. Also kids mom is wanting to drop changes . I also have no criminal record . Is it likely for me to face jail time

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