How Do I Find My California DOJ Criminal Records(RAP Sheet)? | DOJ request form PDF

HOW TO CHECK IF YOU HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD | Criminal Records – State of California – Department of Justice
You want to expunge your case, but all you know is that you got arrested and convicted a long time ago. You remember the courthouse, but you don’t remember the exact year, let alone the exact month. And date of the conviction as you’re working on your expungement, you don’t know what to fill out. You don’t even know the case number. What do you have to do for the purpose of getting your records today

The case is Too Old. I Can’t Remember anything where do I get the Info?

Oftentimes when you get arrested or when you get convicted, it’s not a moment in our life where we try to remember everything, but it’s more of a moment where we try to forget things, given that we don’t keep records of it around. However, when it comes time to clean it up, we want to try to find these records, but it may not be the easiest process today.

Let’s get to find your old records. The thing with the old records, if it’s in California, what you can do is no matter how old it is. If it’s 15 to 20 years old, the department of justice keeps a record of every arrest and heavy conviction that happened to you. The thing that you can do for the purpose of getting these records is reaching out to the department of corrections.

I’ll leave a link below to the website and the forms you can fill out. After that, they’ll send you back what they call a rap sheet. It’s a records and arrest reports on this rap sheet. And we’ll show you the dates that you were arrested. And also, and the disposition, the diposition is a fan fancy way to say what happened with the case, given that not every arrest results in a conviction, even a court date, you may just have an arrested if that’s the case and you don’t need an expungement, but what you would need to do is figure out how to seal your record or seal your arrest. (that’s a video for another day)

What will the RAP sheet include?
If you have a conviction, the rap sheet will have a conviction date on it, as well as what your sentence was. You can take this information and use it for the purpose of your expungements. Be sure you stick around to the end of the video for my free expungement ebook, where I can help you clean your criminal record.

Cost and Timeline

In conclusion, if you don’t remember how long ago you got arrested or everything is very fuzzy. You can use the department of corrections and request the record for the purpose of getting your case expunged. It’s not that hard of a process. There’s some forms to fill out and then you have to go through the live scan as well. The live scan fee is about 25 to $30 from there. And you wait four to six weeks. You’ll get your criminal record back along with all your arrests and convictions and also sentences as well.

Link to DOJ request form:

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11 thoughts on “How Do I Find My California DOJ Criminal Records(RAP Sheet)? | DOJ request form PDF”

  1. How long does it take to get the rapsheet to get in the mail ? . my f already send a manual fingerprints he relocated in arizona but has dui long time ago in California
    Thankyou & goodbless

  2. I know of a very trustworthy Professional , And he has helped me Twice one for clearing my private files that got leaked and the second one is really classified and I spoke to him on the phone many times when he was helping me out and am still grateful to him WOKENDEAD at G-MAIL. COM Tell him your needs. Thank me later

  3. Hi , do you know what forms to get my felony 459 drop to a mistermeanor as a juvenile… I called the probation dept. they sent me a form to seal my juvenile record , but I what to drop the felony first before I seal record… thanks

  4. Do you know the website or phone number to get your own juvenile criminal records from over 20 years ago? They're from Orange county Ca from 1997 to 2001. Also I'm out of state so I need a way of getting my rap sheet without actually going down there.

  5. I've been a little paranoid bc I've been getting these text messages from some1 threatening to have a swat team show up at my house hes been saying hes a hacker so I wanna k ow can they hack my record and label me let's say as a felon? I've just been worried

  6. I have a 211 from 2010. Haven't gotten into any other trouble. Will I have a problem with live scan? I was reading up on the 7 year rule

  7. Hi
    Back in 2001 my husband and I were separated. We were going through the process of seeing an lawyer. He called the cops on me I was picked up and released the next day. The charges were dropped. I was never charged. I'm trying to become a US citizen and they're asking for The date I was arrested and a supporting document of the outcome. I live in CA how can I get those documents?

    Thank you

  8. Can I expunged my arrest record if I am not convicted, yet ,, i compleated all my prerequisite for case dismissal , i compleated my 16 weeks dv class , but my court date is in November 2021 , am I eligible for expungement in that case ,,,

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