How Do I Start Over After A Felony Charge?

How Do I Start Over After A Felony Charge?
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22 thoughts on “How Do I Start Over After A Felony Charge?”

  1. Julio Lara says:

    Get in the trade brother im a felon!

  2. Lamp in Deep Waters says:

    My husband has been out twenty years and can't get a break. He lost his job and has to work his way back up after being with the same company for 7 years. It's rediculous when he hasn't had so much as a parking ticket and twenty years of good work to be passed up on background checks for a twenty year old non violent felony.

  3. ClydesBonnie007 says:

    It's been over 10 years, I wasn't even convicted!! and I can't even find a safe place to live… missed out on jobs too because I can't seal my record due to the nature of the charges. The person who did the crime is in prison, and I feel like I'm there too.

  4. David Smith says:

    Dave puts a little too much faith in "spirituality" you can't pray your way out of jail. Jesus couldnt pray his way out of execution

  5. DC78 says:

    Id be more worried about my unpaid taxes , you will probably get another felony!

  6. Winston Lewis says:

    Trying to get it sealed. Might be a better route.

  7. neolithic3 says:

    Is he calling from a potato?

  8. great humbled says:

    I plead no contest to aggravate assault misdemeanor idk what to do or career to find I’m currently on probation

  9. Rusty Shackleford says:

    How do you start over after a felony? Call up the dope man and start selling more dope.

  10. Jill Garcia says:

    Someone in Oklahoma if you are business owner needs to give this guy a second chance.

  11. Musa I of Mali says:

    "I'm going to prison for 30 years…" .."So, what do you make? …and are your cars paid off?"

  12. Doug Foster says:

    I have a felony too. Just takes time. I mean my felony is from when I was 17 and it’s sealed but even sealed records can be seen by many different methods. It has excluded me from nursing school and other opportunities. Life goes on. America is terrible with our convicted population. We served our time and we continue to get punished even after we serve our time. I became an electrician and am pretty successful. Family and all.

  13. Stringer Bell says:

    Love the empathy!

  14. Gentry Pemberton says:

    How do you start over? A casket lol

  15. Insert Name says:

    A person who has served time in jail should be re-entering society as free as newborn. It is absolutely disgraceful the way the US and many other countries permanently mark people who have paid their debt to society.

  16. Paul Harris says:

    I agree with Dave. At this point given his financial situation I pour everything into making as much money as I can. In a few years if he may been in a financial secure situation where paying money to a lawyer isn’t going to change his lifestyle. Right now it’s roof over my head, food on the table, getting out of debt and accumulating savings.

  17. shawn michael says:

    You got a felony just get your CDL and drive semi truck where I live right now the local home daily trucking companies are paying 31.50 an hour they don't care if you have a felony I have a 30 year old felony they don't even look at it for this occupation I have a Lodge home on private property with a river running through it just driving semi truck all those years with a felony

  18. andy verdugo says:

    Join a local union. The trades are a second chance.

  19. Kath Mavórnan says:

    This is the BEST show I've seen on Dave Ramsey.

  20. John Doe says:

    I’m at my wits end. This system isn’t set up for people that have a past

  21. composiciones artistas says:

    I like to get a fake id so I can get a job in the country I was born. 30 years ago someone try to rob me and I defended my self now I cannot get a job. Law in those days was illegal to defend yourself. Its a shame illegals in this country get jobs easier than an American with a background record.

  22. Jonathan Garmuth says:

    Come on Back the Blue folks, let's hear a big "just comply" or "have you tried not breaking the law"

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