How do you run a legal background check for your company?

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So how do you make sure you run a legal background

for your company?

This is Dave at
licensed private investigators

your corporation in your running background


either for employment or for vendors are
for some

other entity your’e gonna do business with
wanna make sure that the background

check is done

sufficiently and thoroughly but also
legally was a great number

up cases where people who have had
background checks run on them

are suing the company who originated
that background check

background checks are notoriously a
variable and how

well they’re done and if there’s an
error in the way that background check

is done in somebody’s excluded

from a job or business opportunity they
can go back into saying that

you didn’t do the check the right way
wanted the the oversights

is running a background check
electronically I’m just write a check by

a name

even with the social security number you
may have records from

other people with the same or even
similar names get pulled into those


and sometimes other other people may
have criminal

records that are not associated with the
actual person you’re looking up

and if that’s the case they could be
excluded from that opportunity or from

that employment

based on somebody else’s record in some

even if the person does have a criminal
record they can’t be excluded from

employment just because it that they
have to be offer the employment first

and then afterwards determine whether or
not their criminal

event affects the employment for that
actual job

in many states have very strict
guidelines the apt offer the job first

they do the background check and be very
specific that

the particular crime they committed it’s
inappropriate for that particular job

they’re gonna do not just that they have

a record at all they have to havoc
specific exclusion for

the job that they’re going to be doing
so running a background check is a great

idea to make sure that

the security of your company is
maintained with great people

as for employees and vendors and people
you do business with

but doing it the right way will keep you
from having liability if you have


about running investigation or
background check on

a person for your business you can reach
us at our website at


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