How Does a Background Check Help You in Immigration?

In the news this week there have been stories of US Citizens being detained by ICE. Immigration attorney, Andres Mejer, explains in this video which documents you, as a US Citizen or green card holder, should have with you AT ALL TIMES to protect yourself.

He also recommends that you give a copy to someone you trust so that they can access them in case of an emergency (being in ICE custody is an emergency). If you do not have a legal status, Andres also explains what documents you should NOT carry with you AND which one is okay to have even IF it is expired. Andres talks about different ways to store these documents so you always have access to them.

If you are worried about ICE stopping you or someone you love – you should watch this video and share it with others.

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3 thoughts on “How Does a Background Check Help You in Immigration?”

  1. jose hernandez says:

    Is the background process check the same for Daca and Green Card.

  2. Victor Banegas says:

    I have renewed my permanent resident card twice, am I in the clear for naturalization
    background check?

  3. staicy ramos says:

    do they also check default credit card???

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