How Employers Could Be Spying On You While Working From Home

Some managers and CEOs are turning to “productivity management” software to track their employees while they work from home. How do systems like this affect employees? And are there limits to the ways in which employers can track their workers in pursuit of productivity?

According to a new survey, 77% of workers want to continue to work from home at least once a week when the coronavirus pandemic is over.

But many managers worry that employees won’t work as much, or as hard, when they’re not in view. Consequently, some are turning to “productivity management” software to track their employees while they work from home.

One such software company, Prodoscore, said it has seen a 600% increase in interest from prospective customers since the pandemic hit. Another, TransparentBusiness, said it has seen a 500% spike in users month to month.

“We take a number of data points, be it a CRM tool that they are currently using, a phone system like a Vonage, an email system, it could be G Suite or Microsoft 365. We aggregate all those data points in a real time, proprietary dashboard that provides them a weighted score,” said Prodoscore CEO Sam Naficy. “All of it is recorded.”

But what kind of impact do systems like this have on workers? And are there limits to the ways in which employers can track their workers in pursuit of productivity?

“There are many employers that are looking at this and thinking this is a real opportunity to reshape work,” said Jamie Woodcock, a senior lecturer of people and organizations at The Open University. “Will it benefit people who are working and are now able to work in new ways? Or will it benefit employers who will find new ways to get the most out of people’s time they’ve bought to make people work even harder? ”

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You’re Probably Being Tracked While You Work At Home


38 thoughts on “How Employers Could Be Spying On You While Working From Home”

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  2. I get so much more done working from home…it’s the micromanager that is anxious for the employees to get back as software isn’t good enough to them.

  3. The soft digger curiously shrug because trick implicitly name vice a craven fall. juicy, blue tom-tom

  4. My employers get mad at me when I verbally abuse them for being greedy and tell them to f off.

  5. 77 percent of employee would rather stay working. Okay, but be careful what you wish for because although they are being paid the $$$ to work from home, someone in Maylasia could be paid just a few cents. If you can do your job from five or ten miles from your place of employment, then so can someone in far away Malaysia.

  6. Call center employees have always been monitored every second. Its horrible. It creates the most toxic environment. Verbally abused by callers, told by employer your not fast enough or efficient enough so of course that's why people yell at you. Timed bathroom breaks. Nornal human biology is not allowed. DONT WORK IN A CALL CENTER. JUST DONT

  7. This idea that you should be hyper-productive all the time is exactly why employees are sick & tired of 9-5 jobs

  8. You can always be added to a company's software and monitored . I have an ex who has done this to me. It's a horribe thing to do to someone and so dishonest. If you need to go this low you're not a good business manager. Certainly the person doing it to me has no morals or life.

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  10. I managed my staff in an office where there were two teams. One was imports and mine was logistics. The VP of imports would sit and run reports everyday on how many jobs they did and wouldn’t talk to anyone just fire off emails. They had constant turnaround and work place arguments as people got better at making excuses. I would have a weekly meeting with my team set the goals and would encourage to speak freely, I spoke to each of them 5-10 times a day about ideas, progress issues, and accomplishments. My team for 5 years was intact constantly promoted and we eventually became more profitable than imports even though they had been in business for 25 years and we were a new department. I lived an experiment and found success in the most practical approach. Sorry for the long text

  11. If companies are implementing this then there should a law that anyone in the company can monitor anyone else. You can also monitor your boss, see how productive he is. It shouldn't be one way thing.


  13. Modern exploitation tools. Great! Yep let our employees "fight" against each other. Let them self exploit them…….modern slavery.

  14. I think monitoring depends on the kind of job, you are going to have a different way to measure the performance of a support associate vs a graphic designer, the former is relatively easy to monitor the latter it should be more of a "Are they completing assignments on time with quality results? If so, who cares how they get it done as long as it gets done and is a quality product.

  15. Employers are not interfering in our personal lives because of this surveillance they are oy monitoring your work and no one should have any objection to it

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  17. Oh dear, that Prodoscore CEO, what on earth is he thinking? That bullying, self centred power trip crap belongs back in the 1980's and I really thought that humans had moved on from there. That isn't leadership, not sure quite what you are, but you are not a leader that anyone I know would want to follow.

  18. Imo micromanagement doesn't work because it just adds more stress to me since I'm being watched. I still deliver results without micromanagement. I'm even exceeding my targets.

    For me micromanagement feels like i always need to be on the top of my game and i can't even breathe for 5 minutes. The truth is I'm not always on my A game but I still get it done at some point during my shift because I'm accountable for my results.

    Without trust, i will not feel accountable for my actions as an employee. If you hired me, i need you to trust me. And if my employer can't do that, I'll just go somewhere I'll feel more valued.

  19. This type of intimate tracking is common the financial sector. Very, very common.

    Yes, if you're doing your job you shouldn't populate a poor score. However, it's possible to produce a poor score if you're not moving your mouse enough, checking your email enough, accessing a "critically defined" component of the erp for your department eenough, etc.

  20. Hey, you've agreed to work at home so why shouldn't be monitored? In the workplace, you're normally monitored anyway. There you go, take it or leave it.

  21. Work used to be like this when I worked in customer service. You'd be compared to your colleagues on how long your phone calls took and things like that. I hated it. Now I work at a much better place. Thankfully there are lots of good companies. I disagree though at 9:20 that you can't tell who's less or more productive without tracking them. You can see it in the quality of the work, by having a chat every once in a while on how it's going, in the way they talk and work with colleagues, in how much work they get done, estimation of a user story versus actual time booked on it. When you work in a team you can't help but notice how productive everyone is, just by talking to them every day. There are tons of ways you can tell.

  22. I always worked on the honor system. I expect that my work is being measured when I am working and as a professional I behave accordingly. I have nothing to be ashamed of. While I am interested in efficiency practices of my coworkers, I will not be pressured into competing. Quality of care in health care has NOTHING to do with counting the rate of keystrokes, in fact sometimes the more you are typing the less quality interaction you may be providing to the client. If my employer does not trust me to behave as a responsible adult, then why would I work there? So does this mean that the more time we spend we would receive bonuses? I won't hold my breath. So if an employee is assigned a more challenging task/project, are they unfairly critiqued when it takes more time to accomplish the project? How can that be measured? In my home state, GOP politicians are trying to prevent employers from requiring trump's covid passport to ensure safety and then requiring that employees return from remote work. Deadly.

  23. This is outragesously ridiculus. Money has destroyed any and every ethical boundary in this corrupted society. We are self destructive morons who are chasing imaginary papers for happines. When everything crumbles how is this going to save the glorious "investors" from collapse? How is it going to save anyone? Do not accept this farce. Do not forfeit your rights and dignity for money.

  24. hello nbc, was following on new work habits from told by office to stay home. this article about not efficient work habits can be not needed when workers are paying their own data to work connect. the phone number and email keeps meetings running. probably to have am and pm meetings. elle for lead for missed happy hours

  25. This is FAKE!! I had tested all hacking tools from youtube and just Whazzak helped me. You can search for it on one of the engines like google…

  26. I think employees should be able to monitor the bosses who want this tracking software. Very useful video

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