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Lets try this again… Upload versuch # 2. Hopefully the audio is better this time around.

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34 thoughts on “HOW I CAME TO GERMANY DURING A P*NDEMIC- it was difficult”

  1. Here is versuch #2 with the audio- I hope it is better. Also how is the quality? This is my new camera and I am very excited about it!! Regarding the information in this video: it is not advice nor is it me saying these are the rules, this is just what happened to me personally during my trip to Germany. Enjoy and like this video (please….with a cherry on top)

  2. I'm glad you made it back okay. What a hassle! I miss international travel. All the testing is turning into a money pit for someone. I will be glad when all of that ends, but not sure when it will.

  3. Yes. I am in Austria now…flying to the US to Austria was one of the most stressful flight in my life (I have done this route over 50 times). The forms and changing policies were the craziest. And it did not help they merged two flights.

  4. Half the flight? Half the flight just happened to have gotten the wrong test? Oh this wouldn't be a problem if each additional testing and all the accommodations in the mean time didn't keep managing to cost money. Time was, the attitude was, "Well, we screwed up, so we are going to cover your expenses in the mean time. We're terribly sorry about this."
    I mean there is no good reason for information like which test you need not to be clear.

  5. Hey Hayley! I had a similar experience coming back to Germany from the States. But we actually had to get a rapid PCR test and payed 400 bucks for my husband and I. German immigration did check our Covid test, but it was a very smooth entrance into the country. I also traveled within the EU recently and when coming back into Germany, the flight attendants said the same thing. They told us that the police would be checking all of our documents, but when we got off the plane we didn’t go through anything. We just went straight to baggage claim and we were good to go. I really hope they streamline things soon, because you’re right, the stress is absurd!

  6. You look completely re-energized. Shwooping on over to Florida was definitely a good choice I think.

  7. I flew from Germany to Italy last week an literally no one in both airports wanted to see my test results… I think thats unbelievable

  8. Oh, no, now I feel bad for those people you met at the airport even more after hearing how EU border control handled it.

  9. Sorry that you had such a difficult time returning to Germany! I returned from the USA back to Germany this past Friday (non-stop flight) and the process was so easy/seamless for me – I was so surprised. I flew Lufthansa and am +14 days past my second vaccination. I was fully vaccinated in Germany and the Lufthansa check-in counter looked at my yellow vaccination booklet, glanced at my residency card, and issued me my boarding pass (no test needed). I'm so sorry that you had such a bad experience! It seems like there was a miscommunication with the airline and requirements in Portugal, not the requirements in Germany. I know that Portugal has really, really strict requirements. That's why I flew directly from the USA to Germany and Germany to the USA. Were you taking TAP airlines? There's a reason why they call it "Take Another Plane" hahaha!

  10. Don't you think it is in the interest of the airport of the US cos meany people have to pay for their test there

  11. Do you have documents about your vaccination? Did you have the second vaccination? There are locations, where you have to show documents about the vaccination.

  12. That's so interesting because I had the opposite experience. I flew into Munich last Thu/Fri and my test was checked basically at every step and transfer on the way. I flew from OH-Atlanta-Paris-Munich. I was also asked at the Munich airport to show my test right after I got off the plane to the patrol people there. Crazy everyone has such different and confusing experiences.

    What really sucks is that I also had major test anxiety cause I basically figured the states hadn't caught onto the rapid PCR service that Munich has. In Munich it's so easy to get a FREE rapid PCR test but in the states it basically doesn't exist unless you goto the airports or a private clinic where you have to pay crazy amounts. I also payed $200 to get my PCR test done in the states but figured it'd be worth it and it thankfully was. Glad you made it back safe but sorry you had such a struggle!

  13. I think the airline is kind of responsible that you have all the tests. And TAP would have some kind of agreement with the Portugal government, so they trust everybody flying with TAP that the necessary tests had been checked at departure.
    Because: What would they do if you arrive in Portugal without the test. Send you back ? This would be crazy.

  14. Hi Hayley I had a similar experience when landing in Germany. All they asked me for was my passport and covid test.. I had a folder full of all this info proving my relationship with my boyfriend and they never asked for it. I also experiecned A LOT OF STRESS about the tests because I didnt think i would get the results in time.
    I had to time them so that I could use the results for both the flight and immigration when I landed which was difficult because the results had to be within 48hrs and the plane landed the next day in Germany. So i had to get 2 tests the day before the flight and pray I would get the results in time. The rite aid i went to said the PCR results would come in FOUR days and I missed my 2nd appointment to the rapid test. So i was a day before my flight with no test results and I had to find an appointment for a raipid test which was not that easy. I got lucky and found an appointment the day of the flight. But it turned out i wouldve gotten my PCR resutls in time anyway so i was stressed for no reason.

  15. My job had a man come to our homes form Stanford University,to take our COVID 2; hour test. We didn’t get the results till 6pm Monday evening. We had to close shop for two days!

  16. you paid all that money to get tested for nothing? wowwwww. it's almost like they're scamming people.

  17. I think they do that because of $$$$$ since they have lost a lot of $$$ it’s the only way they can make up what they have lost $$$ It’s a Mafia .

  18. TAP very rarely start boarding at the scheduled time. My father live in Portugal so often using TAP and I think so far they started boarding on time two or three times of the 40 to 50 times I travelled with them.

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