How Long Does a USCIS Background Check Take?

Background checks should only take a few weeks. From our experience, USCIS uses “background check” as a fake reason for their case being delayed.

If a case has been pending under “background check” for months, the case is most likely sitting on a desk somewhere and no one is looking at it.

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23 thoughts on “How Long Does a USCIS Background Check Take?”

  1. Hi Jim, Always great to see and learn from your videos. My case for marriage to a US citizens was filed in Pittsburgh on November 21st and I got my fingerprints done on December 27th 2019. My case on USCIS showed on January 24th 2020 that it is ready to be scheduled for an interview and I will get a letter from them. How long do you think it’s gonna take for my interview? I appreciate !

  2. I misdemeanor convictions in 2006 I apply for green card get fingerprints November 13 still nothing have updated Any Answers

  3. Hi Mr. Jim

    I have received same response as u have mentioned,
    what should we do in response to that background check answered.
    I did ask congressman to check my status.

    should we seu the immigration.

    Eagerly waiting for your response
    [email protected]


  4. So why they're doing this for some cases , what's the deal ? They can Easily denied instead , could you explain pls.. Thanks

  5. Hello, I picked up my recommended approval letter on my asylum petition. I have been waiting for the results of the subsequent background check. It has been 8 month as of April 30 2020 for the next step going forward. Is there a way to let uscis what's the status of the background check? Since there is no way to inquire online. Thank you.

  6. I apply for citizenship in 2018 June and I contacted congress and the USCIS told congress that the background check is still in process it’s been 670 days that I apply ☹️ what should I do now

  7. Hi jim

    Does uscis do background check here in United states
    or also in my original country?

  8. I applied for my spouse in 2017. USCIS still telling me that my case is in background checks. I contacted congresswoman and ombudsman. Nothing has changed. I don’t know what to do now!

  9. Hi Jim, I was offered a job from the census but my background (of course) with a pety theft from 2014. I didnt know what to get for them paperwork wise or what to say in my statement. Lame, I know, but that was for a supervisor position. I let it go but since then they have been calling me almost daily for 2 or 3 months I finally answered and ended up interviewing for an enumerator position. I was also offered this position. They already have fingerprints and background check so whats going to be different this time? How do I respond to them, how do I get paperwork about said charges, whats can I give them to help support my "case" so that I don't pass up a great job opportunity.

  10. Kindly my family base green card petition is pending due to waiver 601 hardship to be approved first. After contacting congress office get involved USCIS reply my case is pending from last 3 year due to security reason , but at the same time I am renewing my 765 including traveling every year. Need advise what efforts more to be made. My case is in NEWYORK district. Will appreciate further advise

  11. Thank you i have a question i did my Asylum interview last year and its been a year they have not issued decisions- when ever I approached them they says its under active review is it background check or active reviews is different??

  12. Thank you for the video
    We aplied for Cr1 Nov 2019, and when my husband calls USCIS yesterday they said "we sent your case for background check on Juanuary and still not returned ". How can this be possible, I'm confused

  13. Hi , I filed for n400 online on March 15 2020 yet did not get any biometric appointment? I called USCIS many times but they just saying my case is still pending. Where as many friends of mine while filed on a later date got your biometric appointment. Please guide me , what should I do now ?
    Thank you

  14. how do you find out if your package has been received by USCIS if you lost your tracking number and receipt of cashier's check? Its been more than 4 months since a friend of mine sent her package and to date she hasnt heard from them. She called and emailed the lockbox email but still hasnt gotten any response? Thank you so much!

  15. Good morning sir just wondering it has been 16months since I submitted my application N-400 I am still waiting for my interview… Thank you

  16. I apply for my citizenship and they send me i letter for my interview and one week before my appointment they send me i letter not one was gonna be able to attendant me for my interview then 6 months later they send me another appointment for my interview when I got there the officer told they told me they can't not give me my interview cuz they was waiting for my background check is ben ready 14 months what happens with this cases??

  17. What happened when you have a child and have a I 130 pending for approval case and the wife and baby live outside the US the husband has a green card ???

  18. My wife had an interview in September 13th 2019 and till today they say her case is under background checks and they can’t make a decision till it’s done, it’s way way way far.

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