How Long Does It Take To Hear Back From An Employer

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO HEAR BACK FROM AN EMPLOYER?//You have crossed off a lot of things on your checklist: applying for the job, getting invited for an interview, and completing the interview. You are feeling proud of yourself and ready to take on the world only to have days, even weeks pass without hearing a single word back from anyone. Well my lovely job seekers, I am here to inform you that there are reasons for this delay and it doesn’t always relate back to you in a personal way. I share a few reasons within this week’s video why there can be a delay from hearing back from an employer. You may be surprised to find out that sometimes there is a perfectly legit explanation that can possibly be out of their control. When you live in a society of people pushing the idea of instant fame, instant millions, or even instant weight loss, it’s hard not to assume everything else should be done in a quick fashion. This type of thinking will only lead you to experience constant let down and frequent moments of giving up on your dreams and/or goals. So sit back and make sure to take notes because this video may just save you from drowning yourself in negativity.


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19 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take To Hear Back From An Employer”

  1. I passed my resume to a branch to a counter and they told me that the manager will text me but the interview is not yet happened, but it's been 2 days and there is still no message, what is that really means? Please tell me.

  2. There is a book on Amazone Kindle e-books titled ‘Forty-five years of stupid job interviews’ written by Raymond Couture and sells for $5. Pretty good anecdotes in there…

  3. I had second interview last week and I am still waiting to hear back from the employer. It's been 8 days already.

  4. i once got an offer at the interview and got brought into HR LOL, if i don't hear back in 2 to 4 days i start applying to other jobs and get interviews right away, i tell them i got another job if they call after a week with an offer.

  5. I always try to interview for multiple jobs at a time. Until the offer letter has been signed, I am still available and have options.

  6. I have given an interview for internship at a very big organization. I wrote a thank you mail and asked went to expect the nxt update. They haven't responded its been 10days of interview and a week from thank you mail. No response yet. I really regret not asking them when will they let me know about the decision while the interview was going on. Now for all I know they may take any amount of time to get back or even just ghost me out.
    I'm not totally dependent on that, but it kind of screwed my peace that they weren't responding.

    Edit: Got it!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi. I’d done the 2nd interview last week. He said he would call my reference and tell me what the next step I would do for the 3rd interview. But until now, after 2 weeks, I have not received any call. Do you think I should call their store to confirm or not?

  8. It's been over a month & I still haven't gotten an offer from the hospital I interviewed at yet. I followed up with the recruiter several times, the reply was the same, "You did great! They're working diligently to get me in, etc". Said he'd follow up with me in the coming days, never did. Tough to get in contact with the guy, can't be reached by phone, only by email. Last time I followed up real quick, no reply. This hospital is known for taking a long time to hire in general.

  9. I understand that real life happens but I would appreciate if employers would give updates on delays, especially if I’ve advanced far in the interview process. It’s inconsiderate.

  10. Thank you so much! I was so anxious and overthinking while waiting for their response. You make me feel at ease.

  11. I just applied for a job yesterday and I’m just hoping that i get a call back.
    great video very nerve calming.

  12. The wait is SOOOO HARD! A couple questions…

    (1) Do most companies (let’s say West Coast-based tech companies for remote work) follow up via email, phone call or setting a Zoom meeting to make an offer (if you are the selected candidate)?

    (2) What do you do when one job made an offer, you just started and the other company (that you were interviewing with simultaneously but is larger and slower to complete the process) makes a significantly more competitive offer 2-3 weeks after you’ve already started your new job?

    I’d love your professional feedback and experience.

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