How Long Does Postmates Background Check Take ?

Learn how much time Postmates background checks take, why they take so long and how you can speed up the process.
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4 thoughts on “How Long Does Postmates Background Check Take ?”

  1. Oh Jetty says:

    Dude it’s been two whole weeks, this is pathetic!

  2. Lauren Belle says:

    I activated my postmates card and i got an email saying my background check report is suspended

  3. Roberto Gonzalez says:

    This thing takes forever. Doordash was pretty quick and easy.

  4. Trevor says:

    You know it’s funny I just finished applying to door Dash and remembered that I applied to Postmates a while back, I just checked my Postmates app again and it still doing a background check from three years ago. No wonder why I left postmates…

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