How Often Are Job Offers Rescinded? (8 Mistakes to Avoid!)

HOW OFTEN ARE JOB OFFERS RESCINDED//if you’re asking how often job offers are rescinded, then you might be afraid it could happen to you. In this video, we cover 8 mistakes you should avoid to stay in the clear.

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5 thoughts on “How Often Are Job Offers Rescinded? (8 Mistakes to Avoid!)”

  1. Emil Christopher says:

    How often are job offers rescinded? Comment below with your perspective.

  2. Paul R says:

    I got a job offer from GS and was recently rescinded because I got fired at my previous job and before I even interviewed I had told them I was let go at my previous job it the worst thing I've ever dealt with when I had visualized doing the job I was offere…

  3. TashhTalk says:

    I had an offer rescinded because "I was hesitant about the pay and vacation policy". I was confused about their pay because the structure was very different from anything I've seen. So I was asking questions for clarity. I was devastated because I turned down another offer for this one.

  4. J B says:

    My job was rescinded for a job that didn’t require a college degree but, I put that I had an associates of science on my resume. I never applied for my degree but I provided transcripts of having 63/60 required credits with the intention of transferring to a 4 year college.

  5. yamisohi says:

    I got an offer but i haven't taken a background check yet. I had a felony expunged 10 year ago and reduced to a misdemeanor. How would i tell my potential employer that i accept the offer contingent upon passing background check without making it suspicious? I don't want the offer rescinded after i give my 2 week notice. Please help!!!!

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