How to Add Birthdays to Google Calendar

In this video I’ll show you how to add birthdays to Google Calendar.

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Video Transcript:
A Google Calendar is a great place for maintaining a central calendar to help you keep your life in order. However, if you’re missing the birthday of a particular person in your Google Calendar and you want to make sure it gets displayed in the same format as the other birthdays, you can do this easily by adding that person as a contact to your Google account.

Now let’s walk through the steps to add someone’s birthday to your Google Calendar.

Step 1. Access the Google Calendar you want to add someone’s birthday to by navigating to and then logging into your Google account. Ensure there is a check mark in the box to the left of “Birthdays” in the My Calendars section. After placing a check mark in the box confirm that the person you want to add a birthday for is still missing.

Step 2. Access your Google contacts if the person’s birthday is still missing. You can do this through the Contacts app for Android devices, or by navigating to in the web browser on other devices. Your Google Contacts home screen is displayed.

Step 3. Click “Create Contact” on the screen, and then click “Create a Contact” in the menu that appears. The Create New Contact screen is displayed.

Step 4. Click “Show More” to expand the list of fields you can enter for your new contact. Enter a first and last name for your contact, and then scroll down the screen until you see the Birthday field and then enter the birthday for this person. Enter additional information as you want to. Click “Save” when you’re finished entering information for your new contact. A screen appears showing the information you entered for your new Google Contact. Close this window and then navigate back to your Google Calendar account. You’ll now see the birthday for your newly-entered contact added to your Google Calendar.


13 thoughts on “How to Add Birthdays to Google Calendar”

  1. Ed Novak says:

    Thank you.

  2. Chris O'Leary says:

    Why do you sound like a robot?

  3. Parimal Balankhe says:

    How to enable notification for these birthdays? Cause I have it in the Callender but don't get any notification

  4. MrRitern says:

    I did everything, but the birthdays are not showing up on the calendar.

  5. Tariq Mulla says:

    I switched phone and lost all the birthdays. My previous phone was Xiaomi and new is Samsung. Samsung sucks.

  6. krishma kaliramna says:

    Thank u


    Thank you for a great tutorial

  8. DEfan says:

    I can't check the box of BIRTHDAYS because there is no box.

  9. Bene64 says:

    I am on an android and when I type in the birthday in the normal contact app from Google it won't be displayed on the calendar. (Backup and sync is activated) But when I do it in the web it gets displayed in my calendar AND also in my normal contact app…

  10. Endre Kocsis says:

    If "Birthdays" doesn't show up try this: go to "Add calendar", select "Browse calendars of interest", then on top select "Your contacts". Now you will have a Calendar not only named Birthdays, but also linked to your Contacts.

  11. Vanlalngaia Chhakchhuak says:

    There is no Birthday in my calendar


    How to delete birthdays in App?

  13. Vicente Sedas says:

    Great! Thanks a lot!!

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