HOW TO BECOME A COP – The Background Investigation – Police Hiring Process

In this “Becoming a Cop” series, you will learn about the background process. We will go over the requirements for becoming an officer, and what it takes to be a police officer.

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1. Introduction

2. The Initial Application

3. The Written Exam

4. The Oral Interview

5. The Physical Abilities Test

6. The Background Investigation

7. The Polygraph

8. The Psychological Exam

9. The Medical Exam


20 thoughts on “HOW TO BECOME A COP – The Background Investigation – Police Hiring Process”

  1. This video makes me feel a hundred times better about my background check. I am one of those that had a felony a long time ago (for a nonviolent offense), and thus had it expunged in 2013. All of my rights were restored as of the September 2nd, 2013. The crime was committed in 2009. But again, it has been expunged. I am currently going through the background phase of my potential hiring. When showing my recruiter my expungement letter, she didn't understand it. I am her first expungement that she has ever dealt with. There are two parts of the letter. The top and middle applies to nonviolent offenders whilst the bottom violent offenders. When she first looked at the letter she read the bottom part of the letter which deals with violent offenders. Yes, in Louisiana they put both R.S. expungements on the same letter. The beginning and middle of the letter explains my situation and how all of my rights were restored. I vote, have a hunting license, and own a firearm, I just hope my recruiter is able to decipher the letter adequately. I have wanted to be an police officer since the 5th grade.

  2. Hi sir, I have a question , yesterday I went to take my live screen fingerprints for California Corrections. Do you know what they are trying to find out?

  3. I have a question, I went to take my live screen fingerprints for California Corrections. I'm going, to be honest with you, I don't know if you could give me any advice in 2013 I applied for a cleaning agency, that agency cleans the sheriff's buildings. Even though I didn't get the job through the sheriff's agency, they took my fingerprints to work there. The problem was that I forgot to mention it, do you think they will find out? I got fired from work because I wasn't doing my best, I was immature.

  4. If they don't like your family even though you have a squeaky clean record you won't get hired….NY State Police…

  5. Does an expunged arrest show up on the background check and if so do I have to disclose if it was not a conviction

  6. When u mentioned Christ at the end, I had to put my foot in my mouth, I apologize

  7. I have reviewed an absolute pardon (expungement) for a felony conviction in result is a complete erasure of your criminal recorded explained by the state of CT. I live in NC now and have obtained a concealed carry license. Do I need to disclose that on application for PD I have pardon Certificate but all records have been erased I have verified it

  8. What if I was falsely accused of sexual assault? My ex admitted to lying will this impact it? How often do you have to enforce the NFA? That’s my only hold up about joining

  9. Graduated over a year ago and I had to wait 8 months to get a job. I'm not really making a sustainable living. Interviewed for 3 or 4 different departments, they do visit your home. I live clean, and I have a clean record. Had one very very minor juvenile expungement for being disorderly so it's not even on record and was tossed, I make sure to mention this but still haven't been able to find a well-paying job. I feel like a failure and don't understand why I can't be successful in this career. There are fraudulent reports at the local sheriff's office from family members claiming I was arrested for domestic violence (WHICH HAS NEVER EVER HAPPENED and I have NEVER been violent with anyone), The Sheriff's office public arrest records shows no arrests because I've never been arrested (EVER, not even for the juvenile disorderly that got thrown out). Can someone explain how you navigate and be successful, clean record, 3rd party civil dispute reports that are basically lie and slander parties by family members who are whack in the head and like to lie.

  10. You have to be part of the brotherhood, forget the oath, forget the US Constitution and current law. Just own the city and make it yours, treat everyone who is not a cop like crap

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