How to buy a gun in Pennsylvania without violating the law

How to buy a gun in Pennsylvania without violating the law! Prosecutors in Pennsylvania at the state and federal level are casting a wide net on gun prosecution cases. How to make sure you don’t mistakenly end up in their net. Tips on how to legally buy a firearm and the three #1 mistakes people make: not knowing their own criminal record, not being aware of the mental health commitment ineligibility, not being aware of family court’s PFA ineligibility.

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21 thoughts on “How to buy a gun in Pennsylvania without violating the law”

  1. If you get a DUI you can't buy a gun out of a store no longer I thought that was for felons

  2. Why could someone purchase a firearm and be denied a concealed carry permit? A simple possession does not bar you from owning, but it does bar you from carrying. I don’t get it.

  3. This was actually very helpful. I'm interested in purchasing a firearm but I don't want to get into any trouble doing so. From what you're saying and from what I'm reading it looks like I cannot legally own a firearm. I'll have to follow your advice and talk to an attorney.

  4. See here in Pennsylvania we've delt with police and racial tension forever were like the most southern northern state theres is blacks and whites live with each other

  5. What if you had a felony and went through ARD and completed ARD successfuly and your conviction was expunged? Do I still have to mark that I was convicted with a felony even though my record is clear?

  6. hey david so I'm 18 and i wanna open carry a handgun can I have a parent gift a handgun to me to open carry im moving to pa for college and im gonna be on my own and wanna stay safe.

  7. I need a gun man.. my families business got looted and I’ve been receiving a lot of death threats because I’m Asian

  8. If a person is unsure whether or not he can own a firearm, isnt it normal procedure to go to a gun store and pay them a fee to run your backround?
    I'm honestly not sure if I can or not!
    I have some stuff on my background, but I'm not sure if its stuff that would disqualify me.
    I'm not really interested in carrying a gun, I'm more interested in home/property defense.
    I was at a gun store one day, ready to pay to have my background run, and the gun store owner told me I could potentially get into trouble by having him run me thru the database because the law could see it as me trying to get a gun illegally.
    Is that true??
    I mean, I dont want to break the law, but going to a gun store to get my info run is all I know to do in order to find out!!
    Anybody with any info or advice, please send it my way!!!
    Thank you!!

  9. Do the people who we see open carry AR-15 rifles all have to be registered and licensed to carry in Philadelphia Pa.? How/Where are they allowed to purchase them legally?

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