How to Check Someone's Employment History

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Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it, and an employer who doesn’t know a potential employee’s true work history is doomed to have problems in the future.

Step 1: Know the law
Understand that companies won’t usually comment on a former employee’s performance for fear of being sued. Check with an attorney about what is appropriate to ask when calling previous employers.

Hire a professional screening firm to check your potential employee’s work history.

Step 2: Let your potential employee know
Let your potential employee know in writing that you are doing a background check and request permission to check their work history. Let them know about any information you find that puts them in a bad light, and give them a chance to defend themselves.

Step 3: Call previous employers
Call your candidate’s former supervisors to confirm or deny the salaries and dates of employment reported on their resume.

Step 4: Interview
Interview the candidate multiple times. If your candidate is lying about their work history, they will have a harder time keeping their lies straight over multiple interviews.

Step 5: Get specific
Get specific details about the start and end dates of your candidate’s previous jobs, and their job titles. Ask questions about the responsibilities your candidate had at their previous job to find out if they are using phony job titles to embellish their work history.

Step 6: Ask about jobs not listed
Ask about jobs that are not listed on the resume. See if your candidate left out part of their employment history that puts them in a bad light.

Did You Know?
Studies show that as many as 35 percent of applications contain lies about a candidate’s dates of previous employment.


31 thoughts on “How to Check Someone's Employment History”

  1. CynicalVision says:

    Hiring a lawyer and a screening firm cost much ore money than it would to just hire and fire the person in the first place.

    Unless it's govenment work I don't think employers care THAT much. I've yet to work for a company that bothered to even use the references I gave.

  2. thecooldude9999 says:

    Asians :O

  3. dummekopf says:

    if u r a boss and u need 2 watch this video….. u r doomd anyway

  4. muffinman514 says:

    Companies tend to spend a good deal of their time trying to fuck their employees, but nit pick about shit like the exact hire dates of previous positions. Give me a break.

  5. thecooldude9999 says:

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  6. 89 Jed says:

    =3 I'm part of the 35%

  7. alo jam says:

    0:27 to 0:34 his face like – hmm this guy went to jail 10years ago to killing his previous boss..lmao

  8. IBonedYourMom1234 says:

    one person here is an employer douchbag

  9. elospanish says:

    @theworst2 1st to reply 🙂

  10. alex huerta says:

    @alonejms2 lmao!!!!

  11. animewatcha says:

    So nevermind that among those 35%, maybe…just maybe…Exact dates may not be remembered if said employment was multiple years ago?

  12. C. David Morteo says:

    35 people got their falses employments checked

  13. thecooldude9999 says:

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  14. techguy3000 says:

    lol! indians!

  15. Erick Vargas says:

    @thecooldude9999 you forgot about lack of laughter… 😛 which is mostly true

  16. Cankuwicasa says:

    "Lies about dates of previous employment"

    "Minor errors” might be more correct. Quality employees have little genuine need to keep up with exact dates of hire/departure. For the average person, employers who quibbles over a few days/months discrepancy about a job worked years ago are full of crap & probably a waste of a good worker's time. Always amusing the degree to which employers, who often as not are themselves lying scoundrels, believe themselves gods sitting high & looking low.

  17. The Damage Dealing Meat Shield says:

    Please, if honesty were to enter in the business world, the entire community would come crashing down. We would be thrown back to the stone ages.

  18. Slimm City says:

    Who remembers dates of employment? We're doomed!!!!!

  19. nilima Dave says:

    None of this helping.

  20. Renee Turner says:

    what if the employer lie on them

  21. The12Elton says:

    Does your background check show the reason why you left the job?

  22. Irfan Dharma says:

    music of the video is too loud and I fell asleep during listen to the music of this video. i cant hear anything other than the music

  23. Xeno The Strange says:

    None of that helped.

  24. WarBerJr02 says:

    Wow, an informative video that tells me everything that I already know.

  25. Ramesh Kumaran says:

    all those employers who put up accredition and iso certificates on the board are purchasing it.They got no service history to get accredited.I know so many hospitals.Recently a nbfc registered firm turned out to be fake.It wasn't registered as an nbfc but had a certificate to showcase about being an nbfc.

  26. Ken Skversky says:

    Your obnoxious background music is giving me a splitting headache

  27. Juank Andrade says:

    hello, Im going thru my citizenship I dont have any disabilities can I still apply to this form only for my own records ?

  28. Shannon Pollard says:

    Everyone has told a lie on some where on their resume mostly dated or experiences. They're boses that got their managers position by lying and know less about the department they work in than the employees under them.

  29. CeeCee Brown says:

    Oh great smh I just did background check and drug test but I don’t no about employment verification that just might mess me up smh

  30. mixaj services says:
    Data Verification in Egypt

  31. Matthew Carbone says:

    Can they somehow check for jobs you haven’t included in your resume?

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