How to Decline a Job Offer After Accepting Another Job

How to Decline a Job Offer After Accepting Another Job / You’ll learn how to decline an offer after accepting another job, and especially how to decline a job offer politely. This is the email template that you can use to know how to decline an offer due to salary, location, and any other reason, nad this advice even works for how to decline an offer over the phone

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Work earnestly, speak kindly, act sincerely. 🙂


23 thoughts on “How to Decline a Job Offer After Accepting Another Job”

  1. As someone who has done a bit of hiring, this is really excellent advice. I wish more people knew how to be this conscientious!

  2. Such great advice! I actually know a few people who got two offers at once! This advice is bang on!

  3. I appreciate your basketball follow through form 🙂 Between email and call, I'd suggest a call, then followed up by email. This would show humility, respect, and gratitude as you say. Enjoyed your video, thanks for sharing great tips!

  4. Dear XYZ..
    Thank you so much for offer me a job…and it was very learning experience while interacting with your team.

    I Want to decline your job offer letter. because I got another good opportunity which Is right for me. and I feel that I love this job.

    this is for your information.
    convey my message to your team.
    Ashuj Kushwaha

  5. Great talk, lovely. People should really learn how to do this instead of just going cold and leave the other employer hanging.

  6. You are an Awesome person! Thank you for taking the time to pursue your passion, I just learned so much in just the five min watch!

  7. Tgank you so much for all the information you're providing on this channel
    Been going through your videos a lot lately and the more im into it the more im admired and appreciative i am

  8. what about if you recently accepted one and you got offered one later that you wanted more? :-/

  9. The thing is I'm not a very good verbal communicator. I much prefer email and writing over talking. Yeah that means I suck at interviewing. Plus I'm on the spectrum. I'm high functioning. I can understand you but I don't exactly have the right skillset to express what I'm thinking.

  10. Excellent. I was struggling to decline an offer and dragged it till the last minute. With the inputs i am able to do it gracefully

  11. Just walked from a great company with a good offer which just solidified my intent to remain self employed. Felt wonderful.

  12. Simple decline .. no fancy stuff … thank you for the opportunity team , after going through the offer letter i have decided to decline the offer. Simple yet case closed . Not necessarily you need to provide reason fellas.

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