HOW TO DECLINE A JOB OFFER POLITELY | How to turn down a job offer gracefully

HOW TO DECLINE A JOB OFFER POLITELY | How to turn down a job offer gracefully

You got the job offer, but after you take time to evaluate a job offer, or multiple offers, or after job offer negotiation sometimes you realize you need to decline job offer. Declining a job offer isn’t something most people plan to do, so if you have decided to to reject a job offer you’re wondering how to decline a job offer politely. With the simple formula I share in this video, you’ll know how to reject a job offer, and even though you decided to turn down a job offer you’ll know how to turn down a job offer gracefully. This is how to turn down a job offer because of salary, and basically how to turn down job offer for any reason you have.


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20 thoughts on “HOW TO DECLINE A JOB OFFER POLITELY | How to turn down a job offer gracefully”

  1. i have never had a job offer ;-). Always been self employed . Which is good, and bad ! Great Advice Jennifer -!

  2. Yep I def have. I was really glad I did. My friend who applied didn't and it turned out it was a really toxic place…

  3. Ive only ever declined a job offer once in my life. It wasn't a very big job. Just a pizza place that got back to me to late after I found a job in real estate as an assistant. They were super understanding. Sad to think about it but that place is out of business now.

  4. This video brought back some memories. When I was first offered my last job held – I politely declined it. I was already working and although the money was better, I was receiving educational benefits the new company didn't have. However, they came back and matched those benefits and for the next 18 years I grew with that company. Great video, Jennifer

  5. Thank you Ma'am . I was offered admission in a university but I didn't want to . watched your video for an idea and declined the offer politely. Thank you

  6. The Durham Property Maintenance snow shoveling job is the issue I rejected. Even though I am special needs, the fact is not only I cannot work in the middle of the night, but also having horrific concerns over intoxicated or uncontrollable drivers killing any of the workers or me. Although they never understood my concerns, this aggravated me big time for them telling me I am not interested in the job. That is not the point they did not understand this. I could take further actions notifying Human Resources on them for endangering my life, including disrespecting special needs people like me..

  7. Better do something on your own than keep begging for a raise of a penny or two from your employer and having to thank those thugs who want to hire the best employee on minimum wage.

  8. My email:
    Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. After careful consideration I've decided I wouldn't be a good fit for the position.

  9. Is declining a job offer puts me on the black list in this company in the future ? Or just makes me on the waiting list for another opportunity ???

  10. Thank you Maam. This is useful because I have accepted the job offer but there's a need for me to decline it due to conflict of schedule with my classes.

  11. You offer very good advice and you are extraordinarily cute. You have a great beautiful quality to you.

  12. Had to turn down an offer based solely on location. Thought I could move 6 hours away from friends and family, but found out that they are my rock. Couldn't commit 100% to a company if I knew my personal life would suffer. Job was going to be excellent. Company was awesome. Benefits were AMAZING. Only location wasn't what I was going to tell myself how I could change

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